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What are the Causes of Malaria Disease

What Is The Cause of Malaria


It is by nature that the male mosquitoes are so innocent that they just feed on the plant nector while the female mosquitoes feed on blood. The malarial disease is caused by the female anopheles mosquito and preferably at night. The female anopheles mosquito starts searching for her meal at the dusk and keeps on searching for it till the night. And when she reaches her victim, she starts sucking the blood of that specific person while injecting in him , the parasites of malaria. Malarial parasites are likely to be injected even by blood transfusions though in rare cases.

What are the Causes of Malaria Disease

What are the Causes of Malaria Disease

The moment a female anopheles mosquito bites an individual, an infection occurs and first of all the sporozoites enter the blood of that person and get migrated to the liver cells and infect them. And get multiplied to merozoites and hence break down the liver cells and return back to the blood stream of that specific person then infecting the r.b.c’s and get transformed to the ring forms, trophozoites and schizonts that in turn produce the merozoites further.

It even produces some sexual forms that if grabbed up by the mosquito infect the insect and continue their life-cycle.
In the entire life cycle of a plasmodium the female mosquito anopheles injects a motile infective type of thing called sporozoite to a host of vertebrae category such as the humans that act as the secondary host to them acting as an transmission vector.

the sporozoite thus formed makes its way through the vessels of the blood to the cells of the liver called hepatocytes. The place where its asexual reproduction takes place and thousands of new merozoites get formed that is generally termed as schizogony. The merozoites such formed infect the new R.B.C’S and an asexual multiplication process thus starts known as blood schizogony producing eight to twenty four new merozoites that are infective in nature at this point the cells get bursted and the infective life cycle restarts.

The other merozoites get formed into non-mature gametocytes that are precursors of the male and female gemetes. generally when a female mosquito bites an infected individual, the gamocytes thus formed are taken up with the blood of that person and get matured in the mosquito gut and the gamocytes of both the sexes get fused to form an ookinete that is a fertilized and motile zygote that gets developed into new sporozoites that get migrated to the mosquitoe’s salivbary glands and become ready to infect another host of vertebrae category. the mosquito thus depends on a pure blood meal of that person.


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