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What are the Causes and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Symptoms of Skin Cancer, Causes


There are a large number of skin cancer types and a lot different are their symptoms. The signs and symptoms. The symptoms of a skin cancer include unhealing skin, skin and the skin loosing its colour, skin ulcers, and changes in existing number of moles on the skin.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

As chategorized in three types of skin cancers, the symptoms can even be divided according to the type of skin cancer the patient is suffering from.

The symptoms in basal cell carcinoma type 0f skin cancer are like the tumor being accompanied by small blood vessels or raised and smooth bump on the affected skin of the patient . Or in other parts like neck and shoulders. Bleeding in tumor is also often seen in the case of basal type of cancer no research has found sun screen lotions to provide a soothing effect in this case though can be used still as a preventive measure.

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The second type of cancer i.e squamous cell carcinoma has the symptoms of its own like the skin having a red and scaly patch or patches. Skin can have ulcers or bleeding also. When not treated it may convert to a hard mass being a danger to the person.

The symptoms in melanoma type of skin cancer are chategorised by the change in colour from brown to black or pink red or fleshy colour. Anew mole can even start to appear in the case of a melanoma. The other symptoms include itching, ulceratuion and bleeding.

The causes of skin cancer are as follows:-

Some non healing ulcers or chronic non healing wounds (marjolin’s ulcers) can even take the face of squamous cell carcinoma the symptoms are ionising radiation, environmental carcinogens, tanning beds, ageing and skin colour getting faded.

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Skin cancer is generally caused by the damage of skin cells due to any exposure either sun or something else or a device emitting ultra voilet radiations. The exposure to these harmful radiations is the major cause of every skin cancer. Other factors include smoking tobacco that causes squamous cell carcinoma.

Though the squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are found to be preventive with the usage of sun screen and sun burn lotions to a large extent but the researches have not been able to say anything or to find any conclusion about basal cell carcinoma till yet, but it is still advised to cover your face in excessive sunlight and use a good sun screen lotion to be tention free about sun burn and the damage that sun can cause to your skin.


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