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What are the Beginning Symptoms of Leukemia

What Are The Symptoms of Leukemia


the symptoms of leukemia largely depend on the type of leukemia the person is suffering from. the symptoms of leukemia are often vague and unspecific and the person may overlook early symptoms resembling to some flu or other sort of common illness. a blood test can be made to test whether the patient is suffering from leukemia or not.

What are the Beginning Symptoms of Leukemia

What are the Beginning Symptoms of Leukemia

leukemia occurs when the body of the individual starts making too much abnormal white blood cells and this uncontrolled production results in a more then sufficient amount of wbc’s that may even be immature or mature.

Common Symptoms of Leukemia:-

the symptoms of leukemia may include fever or the feeling of chills or fatigue in some cases or the other symptoms may include severe infections or the sudden loss of weight without even trying for it.

the lymph nodes of the person may get swollen or the liver of the individual may even get enlarged, there may be a sort of bleeding in the person or even bruising and there may be many tiny spots in the skin of the patient.

Symptoms Based On The Type of Leukemia:-

the chronic or acute leukemia has symptoms like the damage may take place to the person’s bone marrow by the way of displacement of the normal cells of the bone marrow of the individual with a high number of immature white blood cells that may result in the lack of blood platelets that help in blood clotting in that person resulting in the bleeding in that person.

there may be alack of the red blood cells that causes anemia in that person that later causes pallor or dyspnea.
Some patients are even likely to experience a feeling of sickness or having fevers and a feeling of chills or sweating may even take place at nights along with other flu like symptoms in the person suffering from leukemia.

leukemia in some of the patients may be related with nausea or a feeling of fullness due to an enlarged liver or a sort of spleen resulting in the un-intentional weight loss in that person. blasts may be affected with the disease and that may come along and get swollen in the liver of the individual. The lymph nodes of the person may even start bleeding or leading to the condition of nausea. in some cases where   the leukemic cells trespass the central nervous system, the neurological symptoms notably the headaches or seizures may even occur to the person in leukemia.


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