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What are Synonyms and Examples of Synonyms

What are Synonyms and Examples of Synonyms


If you are an English based student, you must have studied synonyms in your books and make a use of them, but if you were not an English based student, you might not be aware of these words. If you look the meaning of synonym in the Oxford dictionary, It will read as,” the words that have the same meaning” but that does not makes you get aware about it full and thus there comes a need to get aware about it fully so as to make a better use of these words.

What are Synonyms and Examples of Synonyms

What are Synonyms and Examples of Synonyms

Basic Definition of Synonyms:-

You can simply take synonyms as the words or phrases that mean exactly the same or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. The both words can vary in spelling but not the meaning and thus have the power to substitute each other in a particular sentence. If two words depict the meaning of each other completely, they can be referred to as synonymous.

Example Showing the Usage of Synonym:-

Look at these words, Far, apart and away. These three are synonymous to each other in a way that all these three have the same meaning and that is the distance between two things. If two things are said to be far off each other, they will be apart of each other and they will be away of each other. All the three sentences will give the same sense, but different words have been used in them and thus these can be referred to as synonymous.

Now look at all these sentences,
1. She is attractive
2. She is pretty
3. She is stunning

Talking about the three words (attractive, pretty & stunning), If I try to replace them with each other, the sentence will still give the same meaning and thus these words can be said to be synonymous with each other.

Why Do I Need Synonyms?

If you are working on some poetic work that needs you to follow rhymes of the previously used words and the word that you are to use in the next line does not rhymes with the previously used ones, you can choose to use a synonym of it in order to make the poetry look presentable to the others. Synonyms are rather the way to enhance your vocabulary as well and many competition level based exams include synonyms based questions in the exams that they take so as to judge a candidate as well. Not just writing based purposes, but knowing synonyms can boost up your fluency of a particular language as well and can even help you manipulate your sentences in a better way.


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