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What are Some Treatment for Skin Cancer

Treatment For Skin Cancer


The treatment of skin cancer is based on the stage the patient affected from cancer is undergoing through and the location of cancer along with the age of the patient suffering from it. Treatment is based on the specific type of cancer for example if it is basal skin cancer and the patient is young in age, the treatment having the best rate of cure must be indicated.

What are Some Treatment for Skin Cancer

What are Some Treatment for Skin Cancer

Tropical type of chemotherapy can prove to be beneficial for large superficial basal cell carcinoma for good cosmetic outcome, whereas it might be inadequate for invasive nodular basal cell carcinoma or invasive squamous cell carcinoma.  If the person is elderly frail, and there are much complicated problems in his case warrant radiation therapy may be used to cure him with a slight less of curability rates. Radiation therapy can prove to be beneficial in some type of melanoma cases.

Skin grafting may prove to be helpful in the cases where local skin flaps become more common than the other listed choices. Skin grafting involves the patching of a defect with skin removed from other place in the body. The skin graft is sutured to the edges of the defect, and a bolster dressing is placed atop the graft for seven to ten days, to immobilize the graft as it heals in place. Skin grafting is of two types namely split thickness and full thickness.

In a split thickness skin graft, the shaver shaves a layer of skin from the abdomen or thigh part of the patient and the donor site, regenerates the skin and heals over a period of two weeks. In a full thickness skin graft, a segment of skin is totally removed and the donor site needs to be sutured closed. Skin grafting is a technique that takes less than 10 days to cure the site affected and improves and repairs the site to provide desirable results.

Though there are procedures like reconstruction in which skin can be cured or made to recover the wounds in the skin to heal by the procedure called reconstruction. In reconstruction, when the defects the skin of the person is suffering from are small enough to get repaired, the most of them can undergo a simple repair technique where the edges of the skin are approximated and closed up with the sutures forming a linear scar. Other repair options include folding up of wrinkle line and diminishing the scar.


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