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What are Some Major Causes of Acid Rain

Some Major Causes of Acid Rain


You can understand acid rain as the rain that has got an acidic pH value that is less than seven. These types of rains are harmful for everyone and can make a huge loss to monuments, buildings, soil, plants and marine life as well. These rains are harmful and we should not let ourselves come in contact with it, but what is the reason of these rains to be caused? Well, it still remains a matter of doubt for all and thus here we have come with all those causes that result in acidification of rains.

What are Some Major Causes of Acid Rain

What are Some Major Causes of Acid Rain

1. Carbon Emissions By The Burning of Coal:-

Though we have found out new renewable sources of energy for ourselves and have learnt to produce electricity from water as well as sunlight, but there are still large parts of this earth that still have to depend on burning of fossil fuels like coal for getting their supply of electricity. Some even use it as a source of generating fire, but these fossil fuels generate carbon and other pollutants that gets mixed up with the water droplets in the rain making it acidic. Not just the coal, but the other fuels like cow dung cakes and burning of polythenes, petrol, diesel, etc. also brings about a rise in the number of carbon pollutants that cause the rains to become acidic.

2. The blowing winds:-

With the blowing of the wind, the acidic chemicals that are emitted with burning of fossils or generated by the various processes that emit pollutants get merged with the air and thus reach the areas where the blowing wind and rain reaches. The tiny droplets mixed up with this air gets stick to the monuments, plants and trees that come in the way and make them get acidified.

3. Emissions of Cars And Bikes:-

The cars and bikes that we use emit pollutants in the form of carbon are also responsible for causing acid rains. These pollutants get mixed up with air and then when the rains fall, these pollutants mixed up with the rain fall on the earth making it acidic.

4. Even the pollutants emitted by factories:-

The pollutants that are emitted by the chimneys and production units of factories and the rubber tires burnt in the kilns for the production of bricks and glass bangle industries also generates some chemicals to the air along with the pollutants that get mixed up with the air making it polluted and when the rain starts falling, the pollutants in the air get mixed up with the water droplets.

5. Sulfur Dioxide And Nitrogen Oxide:-

The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that is mixed up in the air by the pollution generated by the burning of leaves, batteries and other substances like tires etc causes the rain to get acidified that falls in the form of acidified drops resulting in making soil lose its fertility and causes a loss of marine life as well. These gaseous content are poisonous when mixed up in the air and give rise to the acidification of rain as well.


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