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What are Fossil Fuels?

What are Fossil Fuels?


If I ask you what are fossil fuels, you will simply answer it is petrol or crude oil or natural gas or coal but if I ask you the exact definition of what fossil fuels can be defined as, it is probable that you won’t be able to answer though approximately all of us know that these are the fuels that we use in our daily lives to run our vehicles, to generate electricity and for the other energy based needs but the exact answer about what fossil fuels are, still is under the incandescent light and thus here we are explaining it for you.

What are Fossil Fuels?

What are Fossil Fuels?

The Definition of Fossil Fuels:-

Talking in the simple language, fossil fuels are the fuels that have formed from the fossils. These fossils may be understood as the dead bodies of the life forms that used to exist on the mother earth 300 million years ago. When these plants and animals died, their dead bodies got buried under the soil and layers of soil kept on depositing over it that resulted in various chemical processes that changed the decomposed bodies into modern day fuels after the pressure that got applied naturally along with the temperature conditions that the soil provided to these dead remnants. Later on when man discovered that these fuels were rich in inexplicable amount of energy, he started extracting these fuels and started making use of them for his own needs.

How Do Fossil Fuels Get Formed?

Fossil fuels are a result of million years of decomposition. The present day fossils are a result of decomposition of organisms and plants that used to live on earth approximately 650 million years ago. These life forms ultimately died and then the process of decomposition for million years resulted in making them usable as a source of energy.

The Composition of Fossil Fuels:-

Fossil fuels are normally composed of carbon As well as the other substances like hydrogen. Kerosene, petroleum, methane and propane can be considered as the by products of fossil fuels.
Coal is obtained by the process of mining that is done so as to extract the coil out of the tunnels that are built underground and the oil is extracted by building underground pipelines so as to extract the crude oil.

The Usage of Fossil Fuels In Modern Life And The Associated Factors:-

Though fossil fuels have become necessary for us and we can’t imagine life to run without these fuels as approximately all the modern day equipment and devices are run on these fuels only including the motor bikes, cars, tractors, engines and the other purposes like cooking, production of electricity etc. but everything is associated with certain limitations and same is the case with fossil fuels, there are certain limitations that fossil fuels have come with and one amongst these is the pollution and global warming and damage to human health that these fuels put human life in danger of.

Fossil Fuels As A Non Renewable Source of Energy:-

This might put you under doubt certainly that if these fuels are generated by the dead bodies of plants and dead organisms, how can it be a non-renewable source of energy as organisms keep on dying as it is a natural process, but think again chap, the formation of the fossil fuels that we use today are a result of processes that took place for million of years, if something takes million of years to occur again, can it be called renewable? I think you got your answer.


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