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How can We Pollute Our Environment

How can We Pollute Our Environment


Though human has achieved all sorts of development, including the industrial development, economic development and other such developments, but he is still lagging behind in the terms of protection of his own existence. The continuous activities that we humans have been a part of have resulted in generation of so many pollutants that it becomes hard to breathe on festive occasions like diwali. There are several ways in which we have generated these pollutants, some of which are as follows:-

How can We Pollute Our Environment

How can We Pollute Our Environment

1. The Plastic Waste That We Generate:-

You must have watched the innocent cows chewing on the garbage thrown by us right? Well, this garbage always includes one or two polythene bag as well. This polythene bag is non-biodegradable which means it does not even get decomposed if you bury it deep in soil and after eating it, the innocent cows with poor digestive systems are not able to digest it which makes them die out of cancerous health situations. If burnt, the same polythene generates poisonous gases that pollute the environment.

2. The Pollution Out of Fuels That We Use Within Our Vehicles And Machines:-

The pollution emitted out of fuels that we use within the vehicles as well as other such equipments of day to day life also generates a lots of pollutants that get added to the air and when we breathe it, we become a victim of health problems like asthma etc. In the other cases, these pollutants get mixed up with the rains and make it acidic.

3. The Noise That We Generate:-

The noise that we generate out of the vehicles, means of transport, the machinery of construction, music systems and loud speakers, horns of cars etc is also another form of pollution that we call the noise pollution and this pollution is so harmful that it can even damage our ears as well.

4. The Pollutants That Are Added to Air, Water and Soil:-

Even if you burn a single tree leaf, it will also cause pollution and add pollutants in the air. The pollutants added to air cause the rain acidic and when that acidic rain gets mixed up with the water bodies, even the water stored in them gets contaminated. The soil where this water falls also gets contaminated and even the monuments on which this water falls gets corroded.

5. The Emission of Carbon Out of Chimneys of Factories:-

The carbon based pollutants that are generated out of chimneys because of the fuels and cheap igniting agents used within various local factories is also a major cause of pollution and this emission of carbon has resulted in adding much of the pollutants to our environment.

6. Deforestation at a rapid rate:-

The deforestation that is taking place at a rapid rate these days is also a form of pollution as to reduce the pollutant decreasing agents is also a kind of pollution itself and when you reduce the number of trees, it becomes another way to increase pollution.


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