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We Need to Talk about Kevin

We Need to Talk about Kevin


We Need to Talk about Kevin is a year 2003 based novel written by the famous novelist Lionel Shriver. This work had been published by Serpent’s Tail and proved to be a really history creating work from the author. It was basically about a fictional school massacre. The film adaptation of it also came later on and thus it attracted a number of viewers as well. The place of origination of this book Is United States and it is basically an English thriller work. Let us have a talk about the various other aspects of it as well.

We Need to Talk about Kevin

We Need to Talk about Kevin

1. The Basic story:-

The novel “We Need to Talk about Kevin” has been written from a mother’s perspective whose son Kevin is a killer. The mother, Eva Khatchadourian comes to know about the murders that he committed and the story begins with her perspective of what he was doing. The series of letters that she writes about her son in the beginning totally gives us a thriller like feel, but then we get a clue that it is basically a kind of drama.

2. Plot of the Story:-

Eva narrates the various instances from her life in the story to put her son in the light. This happens with the help of letters that she writes after the massacre to her presumably estranged husband. She details her son’s conception because of this and gives us the clue about how the things were going on earlier and afterwards.

3. The Central Character:-

Talking about the central character, Kevin, who is the son of Eva. Eva narrates various incidences like the way she broke Kevin’s arm out of anger and the way she visits her son in the jail. The lack of affection and the feelings that the characters must have encountered are clearly depicted this way and thus the character Kevin’s image comes clear to our mindsets this way.

4. The Details of Work:-

The novel “We Need to Talk about Kevin” was published on April, 14, 2003 by counterpoint press and is really a work that arises both feelings and emotions in a mindset. The Director, Lynne Ramsay Who later on signed on to direct a film on the same novel made a film adaptation to this novel as well.

5. The Behavior of Eva’s Son:-

The way this novel gives us a glimpse about the change of behaviors of Eva’s son is really an appreciable work. The way it gets worsened day by day is also a thing of beauty of this novel. Kevin, who plays the part of a loving and respectful son whenever Franklin is around, a rift between Eva and Franklin, gets created and talking about the title, it is also equally suitable as the novel is. “We need to Talk about Kevin” clearly gives the readers an idea that there is something wrong about the character “Kevin” In this novel.

6. Reader’s Review:-

Though I was able to complete this novel in more than one month, still I can say that it is a perfect blend of emotions as well as circumstances that people may experience in their lives. It is both a source of knowledge as well as a kind of real life like experience for the readers.


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