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6 Ways to Write a Resignation Letter Effective

How to Write a Resignation Letter


When we are on some job, It becomes quite irksome sometimes for us to continue it, It is either that we are unsatisfied with the conditions or it is that the staff is not cooperating. There may be any reason for leaving the job, you will surely have to write a resignation letter for doing so and thus here we have come with some ways for you to write a resignation letter.

6 Ways to Write a Resignation Letter Effective

6 Ways to Write a Resignation Letter Effective

1. Ask You The Reason:-

First of all, I would like you to ask yourself the reason why you want to resign from the post? Have you got some other job that offers you more salary? Are the other employees not cooperating with you or are you unhappy with the boss? Do you expect your salary should be increased? Or is there any other reason? Instead of resigning, you may simply go to the boss’s office and tell him your problem asking him to guide you and maybe he solves your problem without going for a resignation.

2. Don’t Butter Up The Contents:-

If you have no option left with you except a resignation, you can start by writing “Dear sir, I am finding it unable for me to cooperate with the firm now and want to resign due to some personal problems” Or you may get more formal but remember not to butter up the contents of it. Stay simple, calm and confident enough, while going for a resignation.

3. Be Formal:-

Be formal, while writing a resignation letter and don’t fill the entire page at all. Be simple and say everything, in short. Simply say thanks for the opportunities and ask the boss to agree with the resignation.

4. Thank Him For The Opportunities:-

If your boss is a good person and has kept on helping you and you are leaving the job for some other personal reason, You can leave a note for him or while going to hand over the resignation application to your boss, you may thank him about the opportunities he provided you.

5. Always Remember To Be Polite:-

Be polite with your words. It should not feel like you are throwing stones over your employer by the means of this letter of resignation. Stay calm and polite instead. There is a long life ahead and who knows you might need him again some day. If you had signed any bond with him, remember to talk with him on it and if he can help you with it or if you had submitted any documents with him, you can even ask him to issue them back to you.

6. Signatory:-

You can even mention some of your problems if you want, but it depends only on the relation between you and your boss if he will hear you or not. A good letter ends with a good signatory and thus at last you have to write thank you, Yours sincerely and your name and place at the last. Put your signature and hand over the letter to your boss while going to his cabin.


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