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4 Best Ways to Wear a Saree to Look Beautiful

How to Wear a Saree


Saree is an attire fully designed to enhance the female beauty and is really an awesome choice to make as women’s look really great in it. Saree consists of just three things, the main Saree, the petty coat and blouse. Women seek new ways to make this attire look more attractive on them every time they are clad in it and thus here we have come with some tips for all such women.

4 Best Ways to Wear a Saree to Look Beautiful

4 Ways to Wear a Saree to Look Beautiful

1. Wearing The Petticoat:-

The petty coat is a garment that is wore up with the blouse as an inner clothing on which the SAREE is wrapped. You just have to enter into it and tie up the petticoat string. One thing you should keep in mind that the color of the petty coat should be as similar to the saree as possible so as it does not give any glimpse of it from your saree.

2. Wearing The Blouse:-

The blouse is a garment that is wore up with the petty coat as an inner clothing on which you will wrap the saree. You have to wear it like you wear your bra. The blouse should be tight fitting and should also be of the same color matching to the saree. You can go for a sleeveless blouse or a back less blouse as well. You can get any design what you need.

3. Wrapping Up The Saree:-

Now when you have got clad in the petticoat as well as blouse. Take some safety pins along with you as you may need them while setting your pallu of the saree. Wrap the first end of the saree tucking it in your petty coat’s string area and then hold it in a way that the shorter distance goes round your waist to your feet and the long end gets wrapped around.

Begin at one end and tuck the corner of the fabric into your petticoat at your left buttock, wrap it around at the back side, over your right buttock, besides your navel, and around repeating until it reaches the area twice. Continue to tuck it into your petticoat like this only tying it with the safety pins setting the pallu. You now have to keep pinning it and wrapping it like it is meant to be. You can even use pins wherever it is necessary.

4. Wearing Care:-

In order to wear a saree, you need to put a great care. You can call some female friend of yours in order to help you set the pallu. You can use safety pins and you can even get some fancy safety pins for it. You need to select right border saree and you can make a style of your own. You can even go for different hair styles.

You can go for the tied hair in a backless saree with clipped up hair or you can even wear a one that gives a glimpse of your stomach out of it. There are some beauty Parlour these days that can help you a lot while you are going to some party in order to set your Pallu of Saree and some even teach it.


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