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6 Best Ways to Wash Dishes Quickly and Efficiently

How to Wash Dishes


A dish may be referred to as a tableware that we use in order to put your food in. When the food is served on the table, we use dishes to put our food on table and to serve the food as well. When we try to wash out the food stacked in these dishes, It becomes quite irksome to do so if we don’t know the proper method of doing it and thus here we have come with some dish washing tips for you that will enable you wash your dishes in a better way.

Best Ways to Wash Dishes Quickly and Efficiently

Ways to Wash Dishes Quickly and Efficiently

1. Get In Your Gloves:-

First of all, I will like you to wear your dish wash gloves before going to clean your dishes. This prevents the dish wash liquid from entering the space under your nails which can make your skin get affected badly. You can even choose to warm up the water before going to clean the dishes if it is winter or there are some tough dish stains.

2. Applying the Dish Wash Bar:-

Now first of all, you will need to apply the dish wash bar or dish wash solution on the utensils keeping them aside one by one. Remember to apply it in a safe way, making the lather soak up all the utensils in a proper manner. If there is some food left in these dishes, you can choose to throw it first after wrapping it in the dustbin.

3. Scrubbing the Dishes:-

Now when all the dishes have been applied up with the dish wash bar or dish wash solution, you will have to scrub off all the stains of food. You can use a steel scrub for tough stains or you may use a foam scrub for normal stains. You have to clean up almost all the parts of your utensils with this equipment of yours.

4. Rinse with Water One By One:-

Now when you have ejected almost all the food particles out of your utensils, you can choose to rinse them one by one with water. Remember to clean almost every bit of dish wash liquid or bar from it. If there is still some dish wash liquid or foam left on the dishes, you can choose to rinse them again with warm water after scrubbing again with steel scrub.

5. Dry Out With A Clean Cloth:-

Now when all the utensils have got cleaned, you have to take a dry and clean cloth and pat dry each and every utensil with it one by one removing water as well as the particles that stick with it. Keep the utensils in the utensils rack after doing so.

6. Clean Up the Wash Basin:-

Now when all the dishes have been cleaned, you need to clean up the wash basin as well. Simply switch off the tap and eject all the water from wash basin pipe and pat dry the wash basin with help of a dry cloth or small wash basin mop. If there is some food particle still struck somewhere in the pores of wash basin pipe, you can choose to eject it out with help of some pin or needle.


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