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5 Ways to Use icloud Storage on iPhone

How to Use iCloud


iCloud can be understood as the storage and cloud computing service provided by Apple Inc. This was released in June 6, 2011 and works on all the Mac devices as well as iPhone. The website dedicated for the usage of iCloud is www.iCloud.com and is a cloud computing service. From Apple Inc. You can choose to storage and share your pictures and videos on the cloud. In order to use iCloud, you need to follow an approach that I am mentioning here.

5 Ways to Use icloud Storage on iPhone - HowFlux

Ways to Use icloud Storage on iPhone

1. Set Up The Account:-

In order to use iCloud, you need to sign up with the iCloud account as it is completely free and simple to be done. You just need an Apple I.D for this purpose. After signing up the account, you will get a free 5 GB of remote storage and then this storage area can be bought in use by you so as to store your pictures, mails, application data, documents and the data can even be extended purchasing it for money. You can choose to save the data in cloud storage, either through the cellular data or even through Wi-Fi as well.

2. The Accessibility:-

iCloud can be accessed on any device, from Apple by making a simple log in with your apple I.D and thus is available with every apple based device. You can even choose to add an application for it on your Mac device and get the iCloud enabled in it so as to back up all your data in it.

3. Apple Account:-

If you have started thinking what an Apple iCloud account is, you are supposed to already have it with yourself. If you are using an account to make purchase of application on the Apple Market, you will preferably using it from before. This account will surely have a username and password that you make use of while on your device and the same username and password can be used so as to access the iCloud.

4. After Selecting The iCloud Services:-

Now , When you have become aware about the process of using iCloud, You are free to upload any file in it and make the changes in it if any. You can store any type of data, including the images from Safari to the other application based data like images as well as videos. Other devices can also be synchronized with the application based on this service.

5. If More Storage Is Needed:-

Though iCloud provides you free 5GB storage with every account that you synchronize your device with but still if there is some need to have extra storage, you can choose to go for purchasing the extra storage from Apple Inc. iCloud comes with a feature of purchasing the extra storage space that you can purchase after entering your Visa card details and making the desired transactions.


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