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6 Ways to Stop Coughing Before it Starts

How to Stop Coughing


Coughing can be understood as a situation in which a person experiences a sudden or repeating reflex that helps to clear up the large breathing passages from secretions, irritants, foreign agents and microbes. This condition can really make you suffer in true senses as it is one of the signs of cold that makes you restless, arises problems in inhalation and exhalation and you may even hear a loud and violent sound while the person coughs. When the health problem gets frequent, it becomes a big problem and thus we need to seek ways to cure it.

6 Ways to Stop Coughing Before it Starts Using Home Remedy

Ways to Stop Coughing Before it Starts

1. Stay Warm:-

The first thing that you can do in order to get relieved from cough is to stay warm. You can start by taking Luke warm water instead of cold water and taking Luke warm milk instead of cold milk. The more you keep yourself warm, the less you suffer the symptoms of cold and one amongst them is coughing.

2. Check If It Is an Allergy Or An Asthma Related Side Effect:-

Sometimes, coughing can be a result of some chronic disease like allergy or even asthma. If the problem persists for more than two-three days, you can choose to go to the doctor for the diagnosis and you may get some medicines recommended from him for the same.

3. Basil Leaves + Cinnamon In Tea:-

Basil is a plant that is worshipped for the medicinal properties that it comes equipped with. It is said that consuming the leaves of basil can make you stay immune against various diseases and one amongst these is cough. You can choose to go for adding Basil in your diet in order to make yourself immune against cough problem. You can even choose to add cinnamon in your tea in order to make yourself get relieved from coughing as well.

4. Honey In Milk:-

Honey is another such thing that can help you keep yourself immune against the symptoms of cough. Simply add some honey to your milk before going to sleep and you will get rid of most of the symptoms resulting in this disease this way.

5. Vapourub Gels:-

You can even manage to take some Vapourub gel and take steam of it in order to stop coughing. You can even choose to apply it to the areas of your face like nose. You can even apply it on your chest and sleep with a quilt covering these parts of body to let the process of perspiration happen and thus you will get relieved of coughing problem this way.

6. Steam And Ginger:-

You can even manage to boil some water, add some vaporub gel in it and take some steam of this water every day in order to get relieved from cough. You can even take some medications recommended by some good health specialist or doctor in order to get relieved from the problem of cough. If you wish, you can even add ginger juice with honey and take two tea spoon of it frequently during the day at an interval of hours to get rid of it in an easy way.


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