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6 Natural Ways to Quit Nicotine Addiction

How to Quit Nicotine Addiction


Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid which is found in the nightshade family of plants. An addiction of nicotine is equally dangerous like that of any other such drug. Still, the effects of nicotine addiction are different from other such drugs in a way that though the signs of harm may not be seen in your case if you are using nicotine, but it will always result in long term effects when you get addicted and the drug finally starts showing results. In order to leave nicotine/ nicotine based product consumption addiction, you can follow these simple tips in your lifestyle:-

6 Natural Ways to Quit Nicotine Addiction

6 Natural Ways to Quit Nicotine Addiction

1. A Control over Your Activities:-

The best way to quit nicotine consumption and addiction is to put a control over your activities. Simply throw away each of your dosages of nicotine in order to bring about a desired control over your activities of nicotine consumption and you will soon get sorted out against the problem of nicotine addiction.

2. Not Just Willpower But Also Ability to Fight Withdrawal Symptoms:-

According to a nicotine rehabilitated sufferer, you should first of all try to apply all of your will power in order to bring about the desired control over your habit of consuming nicotine. You should secondly adopt all the possible approaches available in order to help yourself fight the withdrawal symptoms. There are many medicinal injections available in the medicinal markets these days to help an individual in order to cope up with withdrawal symptoms.

3. Need Extra Care after 2-3 Days of Quitting:-

It has often been seen that though a person tries his best to leave using nicotine in his daily schedule for first initial two to three days but soon he develops a persistent urge to take nicotine again. In order to prevent the patient from developing this urge and fall a prey to nicotine dose once again, you should take extra care of the patient from 2-3 days after quitting nicotine consumption.

4. Rehabilitation to Survive:-

There are many drug addiction based rehabilitation centre options available these days, and one can reach such rehabilitation centers in order to get treated against nicotine addiction. Many of these centers are based upon making the patient develop an urge to quit nicotine and to help him fight the withdrawal symptoms through injections, medicines and care. You can also join one such rehabilitation centre in order to get cured against nicotine addiction.

5. Less Stress and Smoking:-

It has also been noticed that the people with stress and anxiety in their schedule often fall a prey to nicotine consumption much easily than the others. The habitual smokers are also included in this category. In order to help yourself in order to quit nicotine consumption, you should thus take less stress in life and you should also stay away from smoking.

6. Stay Close To someone:-

In any case of addiction, it is always advised that you stay close to someone whom you love. This can be your wife or children or parents. Simply anyone whom you love so that the next time when you think about having a dose of nicotine, you are able to drop the urge to have it after seeing those faces whom you love whole heartedly and for whom you can leave this habit of nicotine for sure.


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