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6 Popular Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco Addiction

How to Quit Chewing Tobacco


Tobacco is a product prepared from the leaves of tobacco plant by curing them. There are more than seventy species of tobacco and these are bought in use for making bidis, cigars, cigarettes, pipe smoke tobacco, hookah tobacco etc. Tobacco causes cancer and thus it is dangerous for health. These days cigarettes and other such substitutes come with a warning label that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. This warning is also because of this effect of tobacco only. If you wish to leave chewing tobacco, you can follow these easy tips to leave it in a sure shot working way.

6 Popular Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco Addiction

6 Ways to Quit Chewing Tobacco Addiction

1. Self Respect and Self-Control:-

The first approach in quitting tobacco is your self-respect and self-control. You can drop any bad habit if these two traits have been added to your life. Simply tell yourself that it is your resolution to quit chewing tobacco and you will leave it at any cost. Your self respect won’t allow you to chew tobacco again and thus you will be able to leave its consumption.

2. Throw All the Tobacco Stuff That You Use:-

Besides adopting the approach of self respect and self-control, you should also throw away everything that contains tobacco. When there won’t be any tobacco left with you, you won’t be able to find it even if you experience withdrawal symptoms.

3. Switch to Nicotine Pills Instead:-

You can also switch yourself to nicotine pills. These pills are bought into use when you are not able to control your habit of chewing tobacco. These pills are available on every leading medical store and even their prices are cheaper than the other approaches. You can join a rehabilitation centre if you feel like no approach works for you. Rehabilitation centre is a place where a team of experienced people works on you to make you leave your habit of chewing tobacco.

4. Watch the Sufferer’s Videos:-

If you write the sentence “Tobacco sufferer’s video” on Google, you will be displayed with videos of countless sufferers and their suffering because of tobacco. When you will see them suffering, you will feel an urge in yourself to quit chewing tobacco as no-one wishes to die so pathetically and thus you can manage to download some videos like this to enhance your urge to quit chewing tobacco.

5. Swear On the Name of Your Loved One:-

Swear on the name of your loved ones that you won’t ever consume any tobacco based product or chew it if you love your loved ones and this will also help you to keep control over this habit of yours. You can manage to keep a note for yourself pasted over the wall to make yourself remind about this pledge that you have taken.

6. Deal with the Withdrawal Symptoms:-

Whenever you suffer from withdrawal symptoms, simply look at the note that you had pasted on your wall. Tell yourself that you have to do this on the name of your loved ones. Remind yourself about your promise and this will help you in a favorable way.


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