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6 Effortless Ways to Polish Wood Furniture

How to Polish Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture often needs maintenance after a specific time and when you keep it maintained and polished, even the furniture looks good. Well polished and furnished furniture is always the pride of a house and even if you are planning to make furniture for your house yourself, you will surely need to paint and polish it even if you are planning to use sun mica on the surface.

6 Effortless Ways to Polish Wood Furniture

6 Effortless Ways to Polish Wood Furniture

Wooden polishing is a time consuming job but if you know the perfect approaches to be kept in mind while polishing your furniture, nothing can have as good looks as you can give your furniture with it. You can polish your wooden furniture using these simple tips:-

1. Shape up the Edges and Curves:-

If you have recently carved out a piece of furniture set out of wood for yourself, you are advised to shape it up first. The iron/steel attachments can be fixed then. This will make you get an idea how the furniture will look after getting completed and you can choose a polishing shade for it accordingly.

2. Scrub the Old Paint:-

If you are planning to refurbish the old furniture, you can start with scrubbing the old paint with a sand paper. Once the old paint gets scrubbed, you can fix up the broken part of your furniture with iron nails and metal plate. The furniture, thus repaired can be kept aside. You can also change the iron/steel based attachments or holder in order to give a completely renovated look to your furniture.

3. Give It a Base Coat:-

Now your furniture gets prepared like this. You can give it an initial base-coat now. A base-coat is a first initial shade which follows another shade to make furniture perfectly polished one. In some cases, the wood sucks up the entire paint/polish coat and in such cases you should varnish it before you paint it up or apply a layer of base coat over it.

4. Choosing a Perfect Polish for Your Furniture:-

The choice of polish color and texture always stays up to you. There are two kinds of polishes available in markets these days for furniture. One is the dry powder polish which is mixed up with paint or varnish while applying it and the other is a liquid polish which is applied directly after the initial coat with a spray gun.

5. Varnishing If Wood Soaks the Polish:-

I told you earlier that sometimes wood soaks up the polish. Even if you are thinking that two or three coats on the same surface will be enough to make the polish stay on such surface then you are mistaken. Such a wood soaks up any amount of paint that you apply on it and thus in order to make the paint layer reside or stay on this kind of furniture for some time, you can try varnishing it first.

6. A Final Coat of Polish:-

A touch-up with base-coat follows a final coat of polish. Once the polishing gets made, you can place the furniture under sun to let the polish get dried. Once the polish gets dried, it will have a permanent texture and effect on your furniture.


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