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5 Ways to Make your Boyfriend more Romantic

Ways to Be Romantic With Your Boyfriend


To romance with your boyfriend is the best feeling ever. If you romance with him in a better way, he is likely to go crazy for you and if he goes crazy for you, your relation is likely to go life long and when your relation goes life long, you don’t need anything else in your life. In this article, we are up with some tips to romance with your boyfriend that makes your relation go life long some of which are as follows:-

5 Ways to Make your Boyfriend more Romantic

5 Ways to Make your Boyfriend more Romantic

1. Toes Meeting Toes While Sitting:-

Whenever you go for an outing with your boyfriend, try to sit along with him or in front of him, this will give you a chance to look in his eyes and keep on gazing with a smile. Now do one more thing, take one of your sandals off and bring one of your feet in touch with one of his feet. Start caressing his leg with that foot of yours. He will feel seduced.

2. Hands In Hands While Walking:-

Whenever you are walking with your friend, remember to put your hands in his hands while walking or you can even walk in a hugging way. If he feels to get distracted from you and you want to gain his attention, tell him the heel of your sandal is broken and ask him to carry you in his arms.

3. Hug Him Daily And Kiss Him Occasionally But Affectionately:-

A passionate hugging and an affectionate kissing is the best drug to seduce your boyfriend. Try not to leave any chance of hugging him whenever he is feeling depressed or is stressed. When he feels like crying because of something, the moment is the best to kiss him. There is always a moment a guy is feeling alone in his life, you should try to calm him down in these type of situations by getting him in your arms and toddling your fingers through his hairs.

4. Hug Him Surprisingly:-

Hugging is the best tonic amongst all. A casual hug is not compulsory at all. You can come all of a sudden and hug him from behind. He will feel like he is on the seventh cloud. Now when he has got normal, you can now get into his arms. The other way is to throw him on his bed if you both are alone in a room and to surprise him by kissing him affectionately by lying on top of him.

5. Keep Praising:-

Keep praising your partner in your group. Make him the matter of your talks. Look seducing as much as you can in front of him. Avoid other boys and whenever any boy passes a comment on you or tries to show that he cares, just go to your boyfriend’s arms and say I have got my boy, no need of anybody else to care about me.


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