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6 Ways to Make Sure you Have a Baby Girl

How to Have a Baby Girl


In order to have a baby girl, you will totally need to depend on your hubby in a way that the hormonal genes to produce a baby girl are present in a male only. Some people seek to have a baby girl in a way that girls are more delicate, more sweet and innocent than boys and thus many parents might like to go for a female baby. It might be the personal choice of the parents as well and thus here we have come with some tips for you that will help you have a baby girl in a more smart way by following just some simple steps that we are mentioning in this article.

6 Ways to Make Sure you Have a Baby Girl

Ways to Make Sure you Have a Baby Girl

1. Dietary Changes In The Guy’s Diet:-

First of all, I will advise you to adopt some changes in your husband’s diet in order to enhance your chances to have a baby girl. Both the male and female have to follow a certain dietary plan in order to do so. If you think you can go for the dietary changes after consulting it with your health specialist in order to do so. You can choose to go for fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. that help you punch boost wish to have a baby girl.

2. Avoid The Food That Enhance A Boy’s Birth:-

Consulting with your health specialist, while going for a diet to have a baby girl, also remember to look for a dietary plan that avoids the chances of you to have a baby boy. There are certain food items that boost up your chances to have a boy and thus I will like to advise you to avoid such items to boost your chances of having a baby girl.

3. Sex Positions:-

There are certain sex positions that you can practice with your partner in order to have a baby girl. Talk to a sexual health specialist or search about the sexual positions that can help you have a baby girl. Avoid an excess salty diet and You can try out those exercises that help you avoid the chances of a baby boy and boost up your chances of a baby girl as well.

4. Precautions:-

Take up some precautions that help you achieve your goal in a better way. Stay away from orgasm and maintain a healthy level of minerals in your body as well. Stay away from the food and food products that contain potassium and thus stay free from the chances of having a baby boy.

5. Sex Selective Abortion:-

There is another approach to get a baby girl and that is sex selective abortion. Though it is a non bailable offence in India, but still can be practiced in some areas of the world in order to prevent from having as baby boy and wait to have a baby girl.

6. Stay In Touch With Your Doctor:-

Besides following all of these approaches, you are advised to stay in touch with a health specialist all the time. It will help you work upon a strategy to adopt almost everything that boosts up your chance to have a girl. You can get some medicines recommended from him as well.


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