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6 Creative Ways to Make a Successful Podcast

How to Make a Podcast


A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or a portable media player. A podcast can be easily generated if you have a microphone device along with speakers and an audio recorder application installed in your computer device. If you wish to have subscribers of your own creating such podcast files, you can easily make a podcast file for yourself following the simple steps which we are mentioning here:-

6 Creative Ways to Make a Successful Podcast

6 Creative Ways to Make a Successful Podcast

1. Get the Essentials:-

In order to record a podcast audio, you will first of all need a Microphone and speaker compatible with your computer. A microphone can be bought in use to record audio from any device. If you have headphones with microphone, you can use them as well. The next you will need an audio software that allows you to record an audio file in order to save it to your computer. If you have none of these, you can download audio recorder software in your smart phone to record the audio files in it and then send them to your computer.

2. Preparing the Content for Podcast:-

You can meanwhile work on a perfect script to add to the audio file. This script will be added to your audio file. The script can be any one depending on your podcast needs or according to your subscriber’s demands. You can also hire a script writer to write script for you if you have contact with some good script writer.

3. Record the Podcast Audio:-

Here comes the step to record the podcast audio. In this step, you have to connect the microphone to the respective microphone slot provided at the back of your computer’s CPU. Open and run the audio recorder software in order to check if it functions or not. If the test voice gets recorded, the application can be used for making a podcast with this microphone. Click Save button to save your file in the computer.

4. Upload the Audio to an Online Host:-

The podcast file can be located in a specific recording folder on your computer’s drive. You will preferably find it in the sound recorder folder. You can locate that file in order to upload it to a specific online web host. If you plan to record many podcasts together, you can create separate accounts for web hosting.

5. Copy the URL to Make Marketing for It:-

After web hosting your audio file, you can copy its URL to share it and make a kind of marketing for yourself. The one who clicks the link of your file will be taken to the file location and thus anyone with your file’s link gets the power to download it in his or her system.

6. Paste the URL Wherever You Wish To Share it:-

You can now copy and paste the URL wherever you wish to share it. You can also share it with your blog in order to make your blog viewers come across the file link. The people interested in listening to your podcast file will thus be able to download and use it this way.


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