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6 Ways to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle For Adults

How to Lose Fat Not Muscle For Men


Trying to lose body fats, guys often get misguided and fall prey to many health problems. One of these health problems is muscles loss. Those who try to lose body fats are also likely to lose their muscles sometimes either due to the lack of proper diet or due to mistakes while work out. In this article, we are up with some ways to lose fat, but not losing muscles some of which can be explained as follows:-

Ways to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle For Adults

Ways to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle For Adults

1. Take Proper Diet:-

You should take a proper diet. Proper diet helps you stay healthy and build muscles in a better manner. You should take pre and post diet supplements. A diet rich in everything that makes you get better muscles should be adopted, though you can avoid a diet rich in bad fats but good fats can still be consumed.

2. Take Proteins:-

Proteins are the basic body builder food. You should take enough proteins in your diet and let yourself strong enough to strengthen your body and eat enough fibers and supplements that help you gain the joint and body strength. Proteins along with carbohydrates are a must, though you can reduce your fat intake.

3. Proper Calories:-

You should take a controlled amount of calories. Take a liquid diet or stay at a fruity diet and veggie rich diet, but don’t stop eating, body building food in order to reduce fats. Your body needs everything for growth, though it depends on your body needs how much amount you should consume. A proper calorie intake can be consulted with the dietitian.

4. Take Breaks:-

Take enough breaks while working out. Try cardio exercises or aerobics. You should take adequate rest at nights as well as while working out. You should do exercises in sets of three to ten and then repeat another set after resting for a while. Excessive Exercising can make you sick and can even damage your health. The damage caused by workout can be minimized by taking adequate rest and protein rich shake after an hour or so. You should limit your gymming time. Take breaks as they don’t let you stay tired for long. You have to reduce fats not muscles.

5. Adequate Amount of Nutrients:-

Even the nutrients you take in your diet should be taken in a controlled amount. You should be ready to take everything that keeps you healthy. If it has been quite much time for you to leave work outs, you deserve some keratin to recover from it. You can even consult a health specialist or health trainer about the nutrients and supplements you need to take. You should take a diet rich in Calcium and other minerals. Calcium and fibers are a must in order to enrich your bones plus if the diet is rich in copper and B vitamins, it provides an additional boost to your health.

6. Stay Hydrated:-

You need to stay hydrated in order to lose fats without losing muscles. The more you stay hydrated, the more fats you lose and the more your muscles get build as a proper proportion of everything remains maintained in your diet and body. Rather besides staying hydrated I will advise you to go for post workout nourishment also.


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