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6 Secret Ways to Live Without Food and Water

How to Live Without Food


To live without food means fasting and this is generally done for two purposes. One is related with the religion and other is done with the purpose of keeping body fit. The question, how long can you stay without eating food is better unanswered as it depends on a number of factors like your body condition, the other substitutes that you switch to, your ways of living etc. Political strikes and worker union strikes always include hunger control pledges in which an individual promises not to eat anything till someone pays heed to their voice. In such a case you can live without food adopting these measures:-

6 Secret Ways to Live Without Food and Water

6 Ways to Live Without Food and Water

1. As Long As You Have an Access to Water:-

The experience holders say that you never die as long as you have an access to water. Keep drinking water even if you are on a hunger strike as it fortifies your situation against starvation. People also say that the thought of hunger is more dangerous than hunger itself. If you wish to stay without food, you should not pay heed to any food item kept nearby.

2. Depends on Your Physique and Body Shape:-

The time till which you can stay alive without food also depends on your physique and body shape. People with fats and crabs stored in their body can stay alive for longer without food. Need for more food never arises till you have fats stored in your body as the body will digest these first and then only it will require the new food to be taken from your side.

3. Switch to a Juice Diet Instead:-

According to the specialists, juices and fluids are best absorbed in the human body and thus you can switch to a juice rich diet in order to stay alive without food. The nutrients in juices will make your body keep functioning and you won’t need to consume food till a long time.

4. Meditation and Yoga Also Plays a Key Role:-

Meditation and yoga also play a key role in deciding the time till which you can stay alive without food. There are countless yogis who have not eaten even a single diet of food since months and they are still alive. Meditation also makes you achieve a control over your senses and thus you can add it to your schedule in order to stay without food for a long time.

5. Heat Means Faster Dehydration:-

Heat means a faster dehydration of the human body. If you are walking under the summer sun, it will make you get dehydrated faster. If you are on a hunger strike in summers, you should keep drinking glucose water or simply water in order to combat health problems that arise due to dehydration.

6. Work with the Symptoms:-

The symptoms of acute hunger include weakness, confusion, diarrhea and irritation etc. you should not compromise with your health once these symptoms are seen and you should immediately consume some food item in order to make your body gain some energy. The human body can’t function without a source of energy and thus you should consume food once these symptoms are reported.


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