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5 Ways to Legally Change your Name

How to Change your Name


It happens sometimes in life that either we are not satisfied with our name or sometimes the name that our parents have given us proves to be devastating when people start spoiling it by calling us with new names related to that word. Sometimes there are various other personal reasons that I won’t mention here, but sometimes in life, it becomes essential for us to change our name and go for a new name. If such has happened in your case as well, you can choose to go for a new name following some simple to do tips that we are mentioning here.

5 Ways to Legally Change your Name

5 Ways to Legally Change your Name

1. Reasons Behind Changing Your Name:-

There can be many reasons for changing a name. Some people change their name for their profession, like if we look the cases of various film stars, they changed their names because of their profession as the previous name that they had didn’t appear to be powerful so as to suit their profession, like taking the case of famous Bollywood start “Akshay Kumar”, his birth name used to be “Rajiv Bhatia.” Taking the example of some other cases like the cases in which the custom makes you change your name.

At the time of marriage, some people have to change their name due to the beliefs prevailing in the society or sometimes the name itself makes you think that you need to change it. There may be many reasons for you to change your name and I won’t disclose the personal ones, but if you need to change your name, first of all you will need to look for the better names options available.

2. Look Up For The Names Available:-

While looking for the name options available, you may choose to search the internet for the top priority names that people choose to prefer these days. Suppose you need to keep your name with letter ”A”, you may choose to go for searching the names of stars or famous persons with name starting from letter “A” and you can choose to pick up the suitable ones from it.

3. Look for The Options Available:-

There may be several options available with people so as to change their name. If you have no problem with the name in documents, you may choose to stay with your current name in documents and change your name at home instead. You can have two names at a same time one for documental purposes and one in real life or if you feel a need to change it permanently, you can choose to go for the other approaches mentioned in the further points.

4. Get It Changed At The Time Of School Admissions:-

An approach to change your name is to change it at the time of admissions. In case of small children, it can be changed at the time of admissions and in case of adults, it can be changed at the time of board registrations as well. You will just need to bring a name change certificate and that’s it. The name will be changed in rest of your documents this way.

5. Get It Changed afterwards:-

Like I mentioned in the beginning, in cases of marriage related issues sometimes the bride or groom has to change the name and in such a case, you can choose to go for the court based name change approaches legally. The court will issue you a name change certificate that can be bought in use further so as to make use of it further.


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