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6 Ways to Know When a Relationship is Over

Relationship is Over


When you are in a relationship, it is the most beautiful time of your life if you are serious for your partner, but it is not easy to get a clue what intentions your partner has got in his or her mind for the relation that you have made with each other and it gets mandatory to keep making an analysis of such things time to time. It may be that there may take place some disturbances amongst you both that may look to be normal for you, but your partner may start remaining cut off, which means the relation has ended and in such a situation here we are with some tips to make you have a clue that the relationship is over now.

6 Best Ways to Know When a Relationship is Over

6 Ways to Know When a Relationship is Over

1. Look If Your Partner Has Got A Side Affair:-

In case your relationship has not ended from your side, your partner may still take it as an end and may choose to go for having an external side affair. Try spying on him or her to check if it is true in your case and then go for making an analysis of it afterwards.

2. Look How Much He or She ignores you:-

It has been observed that when one of the partners starts taking the relation to have ended, the person will start ignoring his or her partner afterwards. Try observing your partner’s habits and then make an analysis afterwards. Simply look if your partner is ignoring you or not? If he or she completely ignores you, the relationship has got collapsed and if he or she still gives you a response sometimes, there is still a chance that the relationship can be saved.

3. Are You Mortified Much Often By Your Partner?

It has also been observed that when the relationship ends from one partner’s side, he or she starts mortifying the other partner publicly so as to make him or her feel embarrassed in public and end the relationship. Sometimes it is that your partner does not want him to end the relation and then tries to do such things that you break it yourself.

4. Are You Taken Less Seriously?

For girls, I would rather advise them to Try to check if your partner is still serious about you or not. Try to show that your sandal heel has got broken and you are not able to walk. Look, if he picks you up or carries you or not. Try to make him jealous by staying with other people and look if it makes an effect or not.

5. Have the Clue from Friends and Other Associated People:-

Your friends, family members and sometimes even the other associated people can also give you a hell lot of clues about where your relation currently stands. Simply have the relations be strongly made with these people and keep on having interactions with them time to time to enquire if something is wrong.

6. Is The Relation Looking Like You Are Just Pushing It?

Sometimes it looks like the relations are not worth living, but just surviving somehow. It looks like it is only you who has kept pushing the relation forward and if you had completely relied upon your partner, the relation will have ended in just a single day. This is a sign that your relation is over and now you need to move forward.


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