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5 Ways To Ignore a Guy To Make Him Want You

How To Ignore a Guy To Make Him Want You


Beauty with brain is the specialty of 21st century girls. They can make anything possible. Though the hearts are sensitive but mind can make anything happen. Same is the case with idiot boys; they never realize a girl has fallen in love with them. But 21ST century girls don’t even plead for a relation, the boy has to crave for them, and to make this happen, girls ignore the guy they like in a special way that diverts his attention toward them. In this post, we are up with some tips, “how to ignore a boy to make him like you” some of which are as follows:-

5 Ways To Ignore a Guy To Make Him Want You

5 Ways To Ignore a Guy To Make Him Want You

1. Smile And Ignore:-

The best thing about girls that fascinates a boy is her smile. Boys like girls with dimpled cheeks and sometimes it is seen that a guy gets so lost in a girl’s smile, that he can’t even hear what others speak to him, so the first way to derive a boy’s attention towards yourself is to look towards him with a perfect smile and if he looks toward you with lusty eyes, then ignore him. He is sure to approach you and propose if he finds something great in your eyes or smile.

2. Gaze In His Eyes:-

Another way to divert a guy’s attention towards you is to simply gaze in his eyes. If you have a beautiful face and beautiful eyes, he is sure to get charmed by your looks and beauty. If he takes it as a green signal, even he will start looking into your eyes this is the perfect timing for you to ignore him. If he gets fascinated, he is sure to approach you with a proposal.

3. Be Indulged With Other Guys:-

Be the center of attraction. Get indulged with other guys, they may be your friends or classmates, this will give him a clue that he is not just alone who seeks to gain your attention, there are many others in the list. Guy’s alike competition and thus he is sure to get attracted towards you like this.

4. Change Your Looks:-

A girl with beauty is a girl with elegance. If you live simply, try changing your looks, if you wear full sleeves, try sleeveless or backless or shorts or leggings. A sexy body is always a topic of talks and when the other guys talk about your sexiness, even he is likely to get fascinated with it.

5. Let Him Think About You:-

Don’t be seen regularly, Let him keep on thinking about you for a while. Try not to be seen to him for quite some time before the time he sees you next. He should feel an internal desire from inside to meet you, to ask you for friendship and to stay close to you. The more he thinks about you, the more he will get crazy for you and the more he will get crazy for you, the more he will crave for you.


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