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5 Best Ways to Hunt a Bear

How to Hunt a Bear


Bear is a mammal of Ursidae family. Bear can be carnivores as well as bamboovores. Though there is no name like bamboovores but I used this term as bears like panda majorly feed upon the bamboo grass only. Only eight species of bear are extant and bear hunting has rather been banned in majority of countries. The opening of hunting season is called “On season”. The closing of hunting season is called “Off season”. Bears are found majorly in the continent of Asia, North America, South America, Europe and other such areas. Bears can get dangerous sometimes for you and thus if you are planning a bear hunt, you should keep in mind the following tips:-

5 Best Ways to Hunt a Bear

5 Best Ways to Hunt a Bear

1. Check Out If It Is On Season or Off Season:-

Anyone can hunt only in on-season. If it is off-season, you are not allowed to hunt. There are certain rules and regulations that every hunter has to follow. Just keep in mind those jungle rules and then only begin for your hunting initiative.

2. Pack up Your Rifles and Explosives:-

Second comes the choice of rifles and explosives. A bear is many times heavy and dangerous than you. He has got claws to rip off your body and strong and sharp teeth to kill you. In order to fight with an enemy many times stronger than yourself, you should always double check your equipments or weapons as a warrior without sword in the battlefield is half lost the battle in advance.

3. Never Kill a Bear with Its Cub or the One Living In Den:-

If you see a bear coming with its cub, you should never use your gun to hit it as else even the cub will get homeless and die. When new bears won’t be able to flourish and nourish, the old ones will easily get starved and thus you won’t be able to hunt for them again. You should never hunt the bear that is living or resting in a den as well. Besides this, there are organizations like PETA etc. which fight for the protection of animal rights. If animal hunting is banned in your area, these organizations are going to drag you in court if you still go for hunting.

4. Reach the Bear Location Area:-

If you have the permission or authority to hunt, you can manage to set-up the apparatus to catch or hunt a bear. Mostly when a bear becomes man eater, the authorities themselves hire you up to kill that bear and in order to kill it, you will first need to build a ladder shed for yourself to reach higher and then you can fire bullets with your gun when you are able to spot or aim the bear to kill it. You may also need to put forward a bate for the bear to kill him easily.

5. The Final Shoot-Up:-

Sometimes, an animal is much clever than we are expecting it to be and in such a case, you should take every sort of precaution from your side to prevent anything unfortunate or unexpected from happening. You should have enough bullets with yourself to avoid such situations. If you are dealing with a man eater bear, you should rather manage to accompany many other bear hunters with you to support yourself.


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