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6 Ways to Get Rid of Flying Ants in your Surroundings

How to Get Rid of Flying Ants


The ants that have wings and can fly are known as the flying ants and these can really be a trouble in true sense as unlike the wingless ants who can’t fly, they don’t stay on land and rather choose to keep on flying in groups in premises of your houses. With increasing interfere of these ants in your household, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you get rid of these ants in a better way and that you can do by simply following some simple steps that I am mentioning in this article.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Flying Ants in your Surroundings

Ways to Get Rid of Flying Ants in your Surroundings

1. Aerosol spray:-

Aerosol spray can be regarded as a type of air dispenser that creates an aerosol mist of liquid particles that are filled under pressure in the bottle and when you open the valve, this liquid gets eliminated and diffuses to every corner of the premises in which you choose to spray it. Aerosol flying ants repellents can prove to be an awesome choice for you this way.

2. Keep your bulbs and tube lights switched off:-

Flying ants are most fantasized by bulbs and tube lights. Though they may die because of the heat of your bulb, but still this light will keep on attracting these flying ants and thus it is advised to keep these lights and bulbs switched off in order to avoid these flying ants.

3. Electric flying ants terrified:-

You may find electric gadgets in the market that can be plugged in the switch boards and emit an ultrasound that is pleasant to your ears but is terrifying for these flying ants. You can purchase one unit of such gadget and bring it home in order to get rid of these flying ants by terrifying them. You can even go for the boric acid substitutes as well.

4. Pesticides:-

You can even choose to go for the pesticides that are specialized to kill these flying ants. Just spray up the pesticide in your premises and you will get rid of these flying ants. You can even go for smoke therapy to get these ants out of their hideouts and get rid of them. These pesticides can be used to kill every type of pests in your surroundings and thus are essential to be kept in every household.

5. Boiling water:-

If you find some hideout of these ants, you can even choose to sprinkle some boiling water in it in order to burn wings of these ants and make them unable to fly. You can flood the hideouts and choose to bury them in their house this way.

6. Home remedy:-

You can even choose to go for some home remedies as well. You can take an onion and hang it up with your bulb or tube light in order to give a pungent smell that these flying ants do not like. Onions are easily available and cheap as well. You can even use some other tricks like mosquito repellent coils, etc. to get an added benefit as well.


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