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6 Ways to Get Rid of Cracked Heels and Feet

How to Get Rid of Cracked Heels


if you pay less attention to your feet, they get tempered and get cracked. Even out feet need moisturizing, lack of which can cause cracks in heels. Though they are not harmful much often and can be seen with growing age, The symptoms include dry, cracked heels and feet, there may be flaky patches seen, itchy skin, bleeding or discharge from cracks. These cracked heels can really be a trouble for any individual and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help you get rid of them in a great way.

6 Ways to Get Rid of Cracked Heels and Feet

6 Ways to Get Rid of Cracked Heels and Feet

1. Moisturize Your Heels To Heal Them:-

The first thing that I will like to advise you in order to heal cracked heels is to get a moisturizer from some good medical store and apply it on your feet daily. The more your heel stay moisturized, the less you will experience the problem of cracked heels. Moisturizer supplies moisture to your heel and prevents further deterioration of your skin and prevents it from further cracks repairing it in a better way.

2. Apply Oils For Added Benefits:-

If the moisturizing cream is unavailable, you can even choose to go for some good oil like coconut or mustard oil in order to make your heels get repaired with time. You can even choose to apply petroleum jelly on this part of your heel skin in order to repair it.

3. Banana Peel, A Natural Moisturizer:-

Take a banana, remove the peel and apply it on your heel. You can even choose to go for cucumber slices and cucumber peel and rub it on your cracked heel skin in order to go for the repair of it. If nothing is available, you can even choose to apply some ghee on it as well.

4. Lemon Juice For Repair:-

Take a lemon and slice it up from between in two pieces. Use these two pieces one by one to rub both of your heel using the juice out of it as a cleaning agent and do it twice or thrice a day. You will surely get relieved from the problem of cracked heel. You can even choose to go for an ice pack in order to heal your heels.

5. Bottle Gourd Slices For Cooling And Soothing Effect:-

Take a bottle gourd and cut it down in thick slices. Use these slices to rub one by one on your feet and repeat the process each coming day. Maintain moisture while going for jobs etc by applying some good cold cream and you will get rid of this problem of yours.

6. Crack Creams:-

If nothing that I mentioned above has proven to benefit you, you can choose to go for a crack repair cream that are available on all leading medical stores these days. If you still do not get relief, You can manage to get an appointment with your doctor. The main essence is in keeping your heel moisturized and you can take every suitable means to maintain moisturization of your feet to recover cracks in them.


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