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6 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online and Offline

How to Get Free Stuff


Sometimes, either due to the money crisis or due to the negligence of your care taker, guardian or due to your economic backwardness, you are not able to fulfill your needs somehow and you can’t even manage to get some job in these situations and thus there comes a need that you find some approaches that help you get all the stuff that you need for free and thus here we are up with some tips that will help you achieve this step in a better way.

6 Ways to Get Free Stuff Online and Offline

Ways to Get Free Stuff Online and Offline

1. Freebie Scheme with Every Product That You Purchase:-

The products that you purchase from the markets can help you get free stuff for yourself. Like some offer may include a tooth brush free on soap bar or scrub free on dish wash bar and many others like this. You may choose to do shopping for some friend of yours, relative or even neighbors giving them the value for their money keeping the free stuff yourself.

2. Make Usage of Internet For Free Recharges:-

In case you need to get a free recharge for yourself or to pay your T.V dish bills or internet bills, you can choose to go for the various websites that give you credits that you can redeem in order to make recharges or payments. There are various websites and applications like MCent, ultoo etc that can help you get some money to reduce your phone bills.

3. Task Based Talent Shows For Freebies:-

There are some talent hunt shows and auditions of T.V serials and promotional events that offer you tasks that you have to perform in order to win the free t-shirts and home based appliances. You simply need to participate in these promotional events and win freebies for yourself. You can also choose to take lift from people and go for hitch hiking in order to save your travelling bills as well.

4. Online Offers For Free Stuff:-

You can also choose to go for the I.T based surveys and offers that provide you free stuff just to complete some online surveys in order to earn free gifts and freebies for yourself. You can even choose to go for the F.M radio based offers that the radio jockeys keep on coming with time to time. You just need to call the numbers provided and answer the simple questions that they ask you and you can get free movies tickets, free gift hampers and what not? Basically this one is the best method that I like and always try as well.

5. Promotional Stuff For Free:-

You can even manage to go for the trial packs of beauty based products that companies keep on offering in order to survey the effects of their products on people free of cost. The promotional stuff is always free of cost. If you want to enjoy the free food, you can even manage to go for some charity based food distribution Champaign in order to get free stuff for yourself.

6. Social Networking Based Offers:-

There are many Facebook based pages and groups that keep on coming with social networking based promotional offers offering you free cab rides, free movie tickets, free Mc Donald’s passes etc that you can avail in order to get free stuff for yourself.


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