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6 Creative Ways to Express Regret

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Regret refers to the way of feeling remorsed or disappointed on any act from your side. The one who feels regret over his or her act will feel sorrow or remorse and will have a sense of loss in his/her mind for whatever he has done. If you have committed a crime/fault and if you are having a sense of loss/disappointment over it, it means that you are feeling regretful over your act and in order to express that regret from your side, you can bring the following steps in use:-

6 Ways to Express Regret

6 Creative Ways to Express Regret

1. Be Quick To Apologize:-

To regret does not only means to feel your mistake, but you also have to express it by apologizing. While apologizing, your tone should be low and it should be expressed from your face that you are guilty. It is better if you are quick to apologize as the more you get late, the more distance keeps on increasing between you and the other person.

2. Understand what you have lost:-

If you had committed a mistake that made someone leave your company, understand what loss you have made in life. The person who left you is sure to arrive back in your life if you really realize your mistake. Actually, the other person leaves our company just to make us realize the level of loss that we have made and thus we should understand this loss in order to express regret.

3. Use Not Just Words but Emotions Also:-

The problem with some people is that they try to express everything in words and there is no emotion on their face at all.  It looks like they are just making a formality by expressing their regret. In such a case it is better if you do not just use words, but the sense of regret is clear from your expressions as well. Never stay fake, but instead be real with whatever emotions you have in your heart.

4. Feel the Guilt from Your Side:-

Never be late in expressing the sense of guilt. Be immediate in feeling sorry about what you have done. “Sorry” is a small word when we speak it, but it has got a big meaning hidden in it if we try to understand it. Never be late in saying sorry even if your mistake is small. “Ego” and “Attitude” should never be an impediment for you.

5. Ask for Forgiveness after Minding Your Ways:-

Some people are very much practical. They never forgive you till you realize your mistake.  The case is same with your parents as well. They try their best to make you feel ignored till you do not realize your mistake. If anyone treats you with an ignoring attitude because of your mistake, you should ask for forgiveness only after minding your ways in real. The person will surely forgive you.

6. Don’t Get Defensive:-

If your approach of regret is defensive rather than being apologizing, you are not even regretting at all. You should first listen to the other person. Let him or her speak every shit in front of you. Keep hearing all this till the end without speaking. When the other person finishes speaking, just bend on your knees and say sorry. The other person will forgive you.


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