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5 Ways to Download Microsoft Word on your Computer

How to Download Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a word processor software developed by Microsoft. It was first released in 1983 with a motive to provide a document creating and editing software to people and then it gained popularity with each coming day. Most commonly supported file extensions of it are “.DOC” and “.DOCX” and the newest versions of it support image inserting, text editing, picture editing, clip inserting and many other breathtaking features like this. With increasing demand if this word processor software, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us download it in a better way, some of which have been explained by us in this article.

5 Ways to Download Microsoft Word on your Computer

Ways to Download Microsoft Word on your Computer

1. Go to The Official Microsoft Website:-

First of all, You will need to go to the official Microsoft office website and seek to download the MS-office application. The MS-office application comes with the application like MS-word in it . When you go to the MS-office download page, It will automatically suggest you the best version suited for your device and you will get 2 options, One to go for the trial version and one to go for the genuine and authentic use version. You can choose to download the software from copy paste to your browser www.office.microsoft.com/en-us/try/

2. Trial Version:-

Trial version is meant to give you a trial of the software. You need to install it again after a specific period of time and it comes with limited features that can only be used after paying up the sum of money desired for the complete purchase.

3. Authentic and genuine version:-

The genuine and authentic version of MS-office can be purchased online for a period of time after paying up a sum of money desired to make a purchase.

If you seek to go for office, home and student version 2013, It will cost you Rupees 5499 and It will come with the features like MS-word, MS- excel, power point , OneNote, etc. This version can be operated on just a single system and can’t be shared with another one. If you wish to go for office, home and business 2013 version as well. This one has an added feature of MS-outlook and comes within a price range of 17499. You can even choose to go for a MS-office 365 personal version that comes within a price range of 3299 and operates on mac+ one iPad or windows tablet that can be updated. This version supports word, excel power point, one note, outlook,and comes loaded with the other features like Skype with 60 minutes call every month 60 countries and the others like One Drive featuring a storage of 1TB You can go to www.microsoftstore.com for more information regarding the purchases.

4. Mode of purchase:-

The purchase can be made either using your credit card or Visa card and you need to follow a simple procedure of online transactions in order to complete the payment. After the payment is made, the company gives you an access to the download of the genuine MS-office software.

5. After download:-

After making a download, you just need to go to the setup gear and click on it. The setup procedure will begin and you will need to click continue button. You can choose to go for an automatic setup as well as a customized setup to get the software installed. After doing so, You can choose to go for the license agreement and when you agree to the terms and conditions, the software will get installed. You need to click finish button after it. The software is ready to be used now.


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