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7 Ways to do Easy Nail Art at Home for Short Nails

How to Make Nail Art at Home


The art made by women on their nails is referred to as the nail art. They use various tricks and tips in order to decorate their nails and make them look artistic and enhance the look of their nails while going to parties or functions, etc. Here we have explained some of the ways to make nail art designs in a better manner some of which are as follows:-

7 Ways to do Easy Nail Art at Home for Short Nails

Ways to do Easy Nail Art at Home for Short Nails

1. Things You Need:-

Toothpick, cotton balls, nail paints (various shades), sparkles or glitters, a tray to mix, manicure stickers or any other means that you want to use to make art on your nails. You can even use some straw for splattering effects.

2. Clearing The Nails:-

When you have got the essentials needed to decorate your nails, the first thing that you need to do is to clear your nails with some good nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the nail polish remover solution, clean the nails using it properly and gently. Trim your nails and shape them up using a nail cutter and trimmer if you wish to do so.

3. Applying A Base Shade:-

The next thing that you need to do is to apply a base shade on which you will make art. You can choose a suitable background color suiting to the gradient you want. Now when you have applied the base shade, you can go for the further nail art process.

4. Getting Artistic With Tooth Pick And Cotton Balls:-

You can go artistic by this simple way, just take a toothpick with some cotton stacked around its pin pointed side, now dip the toothpick in a suitable nail polish that you think your base coat contrasts with. Now just make dots of that contrasting color on your base shade with the help of the toothpick in a artistic form, your nail art is ready.

5. Splattering Effect With Straw:-

You can even go for the splattering effect using a straw and your mouth to blow. You just have to dip the straw in suitable contrasting shade and you have to cover the rest of the portion of your fingers except your nails with the help of some plastic polythene or cello tape. The next thing that you have to do is to splatter some of the contrasting shade nail polish by blowing it on your base coat using your mouth and straw blowing air through it. Your nail art will get ready.

6. Glittery Nail Art With Glitters:-

You can decorate your nails using glitters or sparkles. There are some ready made nail polishes that come with glitters in them. Some even come with floral stickers in them. Using glittery shades, you won’t even need to have a base shade. You just need to purchase a glittery shade and just apply it to your nails directly.

7. Nail Stickers:-

You can even go for some nail art stickers also. These stickers are specialized for nail arts only and suit on every base color. You can purchase these nail art stickers from the same shop from where you purchase nail polishes or you can even go for the other approaches like floral designs or experimental arts, etc. on your own.


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