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6 Best Ways to do a Pedicure yourself at Home

How to do Pedicure at Home


Pedicure refers to the treatment that we provide to our feet and nails on toes, providing them a care that they need. Pedicure deals with all the things that can make your toes get free of dirt and enhance their beauty by making them look gorgeous. Pedicure is somewhat similar to as that of manicure, the difference is just that in manicure we focus on beautifying our hand nails and associated area while in the case of pedicure we focus on the beautification of our leg nails and associated area. In order to do pedicure at home, you just need to follow some simple steps.

6 Best Ways to do a Pedicure yourself at Home

Ways to do a Pedicure yourself at Home

1. Dealing with the toenails:-

In order to do pedicure at home, the first thing that can be done is to Clip the toe nails, file them, clean up the cuticles with cuticles oil and then do buffing to enhance the look of your toes. You are advised to remove up the old nail polish if any, with the help of some acetone or nail polish remover and then make up all these approaches.

2. Rub up the toes:-

Pumice stone or scrubber can be bought in use so as to rub up the toes and make them get free of all kinds of dirt. Firstly apply some soap foam solution on your toes and then rub the area gently with the pumice stone. You can even choose to make use of some scrub pad so as to practice this approach.

3. Hot salt water bath to your legs:-

After the scrubbing has been done, you can choose to boil some water and then let it get cooled. You have to do this step before you begin the first step so that the water gets cooled till the first and second step get completed. Now you just need to add some salt to this water and keep your legs dipped in it for a while. Remember to do that only if the temperature of water is not so hot and instead it is bearable easily.

4. Removal of dirt left if any:-

The dirt left if any can be removed by scrubbing again and then rinsing it with water. After this step, you are advised to pat dry your legs with the help of a dry towel so as to make your legs ready for the further approaches like nail paint etc.

5. Application of Nail polish:-

After your legs have got ready to be beautified, you can choose to apply a base coat of a suitable shade on your toe nails. You can choose to apply some favourite shade of yours afterwards, so as to beautify your nails or you may even choose to go for the other approaches like nail art as well.

6. Application of moisturizer:-

After the beautification of nails, you are advised to apply some moisturizer to your legs. This will enhance the beauty of your legs and toes. You can even choose to go for some skin cream or lotion as well.


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