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6 Ways to Cure Nail Fungus at Home

How to Cure Nail Fungus


Nail fungus is a fungus that occurs with your nails because of lack of proper care. It mostly occurs with the toe nails and during this condition; the spores of fungus are seen invading the skin through small cuts visible to the naked eyes. This happens in the area of your nail and nail bed. It generally occurs due to a fungal infection sometimes referred as onychomycosis in case of toe nails. It makes the nail get thick, brittle and ragged or crumby. In any of such fungus affected nail problem, you can adopt the following curative approaches in order to treat your nails:-

6 Ways to Cure Nail Fungus at Home

6 Ways to Cure Nail Fungus at Home

1. Go For a Diagnosis Based on Signs:-

If such fungal symptoms occur with any of your nails/nail bed, you should immediately reach a doctor for diagnosis. The doctor will examine your nails in order to tell you if it is a sign of any fungal infection or is instead something else. The treatment will also be made like wisely.

2. Use Your Nail Polish on them:-

Moisture is the best enemy of your nails in case they suffer from problem of development of a fungus. The more moisture it gets, the more will fungus gain growth and if it reaches deeper in your nail beds, it will get difficult for even the doctor to help you treat it. In such cases, the first thing that you should do with the initial signs of development of this fungus is to coat it with a layer of nail polish. This prevents moisture and thus prevents the fungus from spreading further.

3. Use Turmeric Powder and Neem Tree Extract as a Home Remedy:-

In some of the cases where it is not confirmed if you suffer from fungus or some other problem, you can sprinkle some powdered turmeric mixed with neem leaf juice on it. Both these have anti-fungal properties in them and thus prove to cure fungal infection in its initial stages.

4. Apply Vinegar Solution:-

According to a woman whom we talked about nail fungus, if we apply a solution of vinegar on our affected part of the nail, the fungus growth gets prevented and it is likely to get cured much easily. If the growth still keeps on taking place, you should consult the doctor immediately.

5. Even Vicks Vaporub Works Sometimes:-

Vicks vaporub is one of the cheapest ways to treat cold. When I used to develop cough in the initial days of my life, my mother used to apply Vicks on my nose and she also asked me to take the vapors out of hot water mixed with Vicks in it. Vicks does not only treat problem of cough, but it also makes you get treated against the problem of nail fungus as well.

6. Itraconazole and Griseofulvin:-

Talking about the preferred medicines recommended by most of health specialists regarding fungus infections, Itraconazole and Griseofulvin prove to be two effective names in this direction. You should never wait more when it is confirmed that you suffer a fungal infection as further growth of fungus can invite more difficulties for the doctor to treat it.


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