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5 Secret Ways to Crack a Safe

How to Crack a Safe


A safe is a Place where we keep our stuff safe or in other words you may say that the dedicated place for storage of your money as well as the property papers, costly ornaments and other such precious things is referred to as a safe. Often these safe are safeguarded with keynotes that are not easy to be cracked by anyone and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that you may choose to go for while trying to crack the code for opening it and in case you need to do the same, you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here.

5 Secret Ways to Crack a Safe Easily

5 Ways to Crack a Safe

1. Try Spying On The Owner:-

First of all, if you do not know the code, try spying on the safe’s owner. Try making him wine and dine with you to enclose his secrets and make spy on him to know more. This will make you close enough with him and you will come to know all secrets about the safe’s owner.

2. The Password Crack Solution:-

There is a kind of solution that once applied to the keys can make you get the fingerprints in an easy way. You must have seen this trick in almost all the spy movies and this can help you as well. Simply make the use of that solution to get the keys with fingerprints on them and then use the tricks of permutations and combinations to make the possible guesses.

3. Try Using the Easy Approach:-

The easy approach follows you to make the guesses like the date of birth of that person or some other important date to him. This may even include the mobile number of that person or the simple code combinations like 1234 or 12345 or 0000 etc. Try making the guesses only if you are free for multiple attempts.  In some cases there are only three chances provided failing which the safe gets locked permanently and this should be avoided.

4. Enquire it smartly:-

In case there are a limited number of turns that you are left with, you may choose to enquire it smartly from the owner like asking him the clue or asking him to take you as a friend and using the emotional torture to enquire it from him. This works in half of the cases.

5. Simply Break the Cabinet:-

In case you are left with a locked cabinet of safe because of the multiple unsuccessful attempts, you have no approach left but to cut off the safe’s cabinet with some gas welding machine or else simply put a spy camera around the place where the safe has been kept or put the voice transmitters to know more and get a clue about it.


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