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4 Creative Ways to Compress Video Size

How to Minimize the Size of a Video


With the arrival of a user friendly operating system based gadgets in the market, people prefer to watch movies on their personal tablets, laptops, computers or phones only. Gone are the days of television and a new age has started where one watches only what he or she wishes and here comes the need for a perfect video size. Sometimes the video is not of perfect size to fit in your device’s memory or it is that you are doing some other work on your device, but you wish to watch movie besides doing work on your gadget and you wish to minimize the size of video that you are watching.

4 Creative Ways to Compress Video Size

4 Creative Ways to Compress Video Size

Here we are explaining every such way in which videos can be minimized according to the situations faced by an average video spectator.

1. Reducing the Size of a Video In Terms of MB:-

When you do not have enough space in your device or the heavy file is not supported by your device, you can easily convert it to the desired size in order to watch it with desired space.

  • First of all, you will have to download a media converter application, which is specified in making video conversions from one format to the other.
  • If the movie that you have is in H.D picture quality, you can download an H.D. to mp4 or H.D. to MP4 or 3Gp or FLV converter. Similarly, if your movie is in Mp4 format, you can convert it into 3Gp format in order to reduce its size in MB’s.
  • The converted movie will surely be in a reduced size as compared to the original video.

2. Minimizing a Video on Desktop:-

When you are playing video in some media player say VLC on your desktop or laptop, there is always a dedicated option to minimize a video displayed on screen. There is a minus (-) or minimize sign displayed at the top portion of your skin at the right most side. You can click this option in order to minimize any video.

3. Minimize Your Video in a Customized Manner:-

You can also minimize your video in a customized manner. Simply reach the ending portion of your video screen with the help of your mouse. Try to move the cursor of your mouse on this area. Select this portion with your mouse click and then bring it downside to reduce the screen size. You can customize your video’s display size to any size this way.

4. Professional Pixel/Size Changers:-

There are many internet based applications and websites available these days, which focus on reducing a video’s pixel size or screen resolution. This also minimizes the size of a video and your purpose gets fulfilled. If your video is not playing because of file format or extension, you can easily convert it using much software/website as well.


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