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6 Simple Ways to Clean your Wash Basin

How to Clean a Wash-Basin


A wash Basin is a place where we clean our hands or face. These are made up of ceramic and there is a tap fixed over each of them to enable us use water from it while cleaning our face or while shaving while standing in front of the mirror. Some wash basins are also bought in use for cosmetic based purposes.

6 Simple Ways to Clean your Wash Basin

6 Simple Ways to Clean your Wash Basin

The more the number of people you ask about it, the more will be the number of uses they bring their wash basin in use for but with a great usage of anything, there also comes a need to take care of it and after a continuous usage for many days, even the wash basin gets dirty. In order to clean it back, you can follow these simple tips:-

1. Have A Spare Brush:-

In order to clean wash basin, you should keep a brush spare with yourself. This brush will help you to clean the wash basin in a favorable way. The brush should have enough bristles to clean any kind of dirt accumulated on the wash-basin’s surface and you can use a brush on a weekly basis to clean your wash-basin.

2. Keep a Wash-Basin Cleaning Liquid with Yourself:-

There are many wash-basin cleaning liquid solutions available in markets these days. You can also use acid in order to clean your wash-basin if the stains are tough enough to be removed with cleaning liquid. You should brush-up the wash basin besides pouring the acid or cleaning liquid on your wash-basin’s surface in order to make it start shining like anything.

3. Clean the Debris Accumulated near the Tap:-

While using the tap regularly, a white kind of layer gets deposited around the tap which needs to be brushed up in order to make it clear. You can scratch the white layering if it does not go off by just brushing. You will also find some small hairs, food left over etc which can be removed by using a small broom stick or match stick ejecting them out of the wash-basin pipe.

4. Remove Small Hairs and Other Particles Blocking the Pipe:-

The pipe is fixed with steel wire gauze in order to prevent the bulky substances from blocking the pipe. You can remove all the small hairs and other particles supposed to block the pipe if you try to eject them into the pipe by forcing them with a broomstick and instead you can hand pick such things to avoid getting the pipe blocked with them.

5. Use Scratching Approach to clear everything:-

If there is any dirt/debris which does not goes off by physical cleaning with liquid or acid, you can use a scratching kind of approach to remove it. If you recently got your house painted with a few drops of paint fallen on your wash-basin, you can use petrol or acetone to remove them.

6. Rinse with Water:-

The cleaned surface can thus be rinsed with water in order to make all the small dirt and debris flow away with water. You can wipe off the wash basin with a clean cloth afterwards. Your wash basin will get as good as new like this.


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