6 Easy Ways to Clean Window Air Conditioner at Home

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner


Window Air Conditioner can be regarded as the air conditioner that is fixed up at the window of your house and keeps the room cool from inside ejecting all the hot air out of your room. These air conditioners are perhaps used in every household that seeks to go for an electronic appliance that makes them stay chilled in Summer and with increasing use of it, comes a need to keep cleaning it time to time and thus here in this article we have come with some tips to clean it in a better way.

6 Easy Ways to Clean Window Air Conditioner at Home

6 Ways to Clean Window Air Conditioner at Home

1. Stain Removal from body:-

First of all you are advised to dissolve some detergent in a mug of water and then apply it on stains on the cabinet of your air conditioner. Rub tough stains to get rid of them and then use some dry cloth after sprinkling water to get rid of the stains. You can even manage to purchase some good stain remover in order to do so.

2. Filter window:-

Now when you have cleaned up the stains, you need to take out the front filter window cover and take the plastic wire gauze out of it. This gauze is used to filter up the dust from entering the air conditioner. Simple take the gauze out and wash it up with detergent solution and a washing brush,  removing all the dirt accumulated on it.

3. Clean up the webs:-

There must be some webs inside or outside the cabinet of your air conditioner. These might be around the window on which you have fixed up the A.C or may be inside it as well. You can choose to blow some air with air dryer in order to get rid of these webs.

4. Cabinet clean up:-

There might be some dirt accumulated on the cabinet and inside it as well. You can choose to go for the approaches like vacuum cleaner or brushing in order to get rid of it. You might even need to clean up the dirt accumulated on wires as well.

5. Water outlet:-

There is a water outlet pipe attached to your air conditioner in order to get rid of the water that gets formed while the air conditioner is switched On. You can take the water outlet tray gently and then fix it again at the proper place after cleaning it.

6. Precautions:-

While you bent in order to clean up the A.C, remember to maintain a safe distance between the lower portion of it and your head. Some people are seen to get injured while trying to clean up their air conditioner. You may even need to get your air conditioner serviced if there is a need of doing so.


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