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6 Easy Ways to Clean an Oven without Harsh Chemicals

how to clean an oven without harsh chemicals


Often some dishes that we make at home need to be baked instead of cooked and baking can’t be done perfectly without an oven. Not just baking, but the simple cooking, the making of some other dishes, roasting of a chicken and much more gets completed much more easily if you have got an oven in your kitchen. Let it be the birthday of your child and you have to make a cake or if you need to make a pizza for the guests that are arriving at your house this evening, an oven is a perfect option for that, but with increased use of it, the appliance needs to be cleaned properly after a certain interval of time and to achieve the same, we are explaining some tips here for you.

6 Easy Ways to Clean an Oven without Harsh Chemicals

6 Easy Ways to Clean an Oven

1. Cleaning up the Upper Cabinet:-

First of all, take the glass cleaner liquid and dip a cotton ball in it. Now use this cotton ball to remove the stains on the outer cabinet of the oven and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. In case of extra tough stains, the mild soap solution dipped in a cotton ball can also be used.

2. Cleaning Up the Oven Tray:-

Now when the outer cabinet is perfectly clean, take out the oven tray, rinse it off in the soap solution and wipe it off with a dry cloth again. The tray needs to be kept over the kitchen slab to make it get dry before positioning it back.

3. Best way to clean Oven Utensils:-

Take the oven, utensils like the ones that you bring in use to make cakes, dhokla, cupcakes and making vegetables soup, etc. These utensils can be cleaned easily in a way that you clean the other normal utensils. Keep them upside down on the kitchen slab after you finish wiping them off with a dry cloth.

4. Clean up the Inner Cabinet:-

Now the turn comes of the inner cabinet of the oven. Simply dip a cotton ball in either the acetone or the glass cleaner liquid and wipe off all the stains of food that have got grease on the inner cabinet because of the food stuff that you made in this oven. Clean the oven base like wisely.

5. Surf instead of Mild Acetone to Clean the Inner Surface:-

In case there are some harsh stains, simply take a pinch of surf or detergent on your finger and then put one drop of water on it. Apply it to the stain, making motion with your finger and then wipe it off with a cotton ball dipped in water. Clean it immediately by wiping it off with a dry cloth and do the same with rest of stains as well.

6. Pat Dry and Then Pack Up:-

After the oven gets dried out, you will get an oven as good as new. Pack up the cabinet and try switching it on. Make the dishes as you make regularly and do the same when it needs to be cleaned.


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