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6 Best Ways to Build Pole Building

How to Build a Pole Building


A pole building can be taken as a building that is made after fixing the poles in the ground and then the roof is supported on this pole so as to make a perfect building. The roof rests on this pole and prevents it from falling. The better strength the pole is fixed with, the better will be the grip of roof on it and these are often built on places like farms, backyards, etc. and in case you need to store something preventing rain from falling on it and spoiling it, a pole building may prove to be a perfect option. In case you are planning to build a pole building, you may follow the procedure that we are mentioning here.

6 Best Ways to Build Pole Building

6 Best Ways to Build Pole Building

1. Decide the Perfect Size:-

First of all, you will need to decide the size of pole building that you need to make. Suppose you need to make a pole building 12 feet high, keep the pole at least 17 feet high as the rest will be buried in the ground to have it fixed properly. Then make the estimate how much the length and width will be kept. The structure, the approaches that you need to follow and the rest of building material comes next.

2. Making the Pole:-

Regarding the pole, these days the iron made poles are in fashion, but the wood poles have remained the source of attraction since time immemorial. These are simply made from the trees that are proven to be tough enough to bear the weights on them. Take any sort of tree, including neem tree, the sesame tree etc and take out the base portion from it to make your pole shaping it round to make the pole out of it.

3. Fixing the Pole:-

After the pole has been made, we simply dig a portion of soil and make a pit inside it. This pit hole is filled with quick cement and then we position the pole in it. The quick cement fixes and positions the pole properly and makes a grip on it. The pole now will stand erect. You can now shape up the cement with layering process and then it can be tiled up to make a platform.

4. The Platform of Building:-

Keep the platform flat and smooth. This can also be made with cement. Simply make layer by layer lining with bricks and cement mixture. The platform will be ready this way. Shape up the platform and affix the ivory tiles on it. The rest will be just making the boundaries and roof.

5. The Boundaries of Building:-

The boundaries of the building can be made either with the fiber sheets affixing the iron pipes, welding them with the pole or you may even choose to go for the brick and cement based approach for making the boundaries. The artificial boundaries can also be bought in use for these purposes which are easily able to move from one place to another in case you are making an artificial building.

6. The Roof of Building:-

The roof of building can also be made either with the fiber sheets or the sanitary tiles affixing them up with the pole just like the way that we use to build a lenter. The building will be ready this way or else if you need to make a permanent building, hire some masons and give them a contract for the lenter to be build.


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