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6 Popular Ways to Build a Soundproof Room

How to Build a Noise Proof Room


A noise proof room is the one which is free from every sort of sound. In such a room if music is getting played outside, you do not hear it inside and if music is getting played inside, you do not hear it outside in such room. There are a number of ways to make your room noise proof out of which most include positioning your room with noise proofing materials. A noise proof room is always an ideal option for sleeping or study purposes when you are living in an area near some airport or railway station. You can make your room sound proof following these simple tips:-

6 Popular Ways to Build a Soundproof Room

6 Ways to Build a Soundproof Room

1. Position curtains With Walls and Windows of Your Room:-

The cheapest and most affordable way to make your room sound proof is to bring home curtains. Position these curtains on your doors and windows. Curtains act as perfect sound absorbers and thus you can use them within every room to make your house a perfect sound-proof house.

2. Wooden finishing With Each And Every Wall:-

Wooden finishing is another approach which proves helpful to make a room noise proof. You can ask an interior decorator to advise you for a perfect wooden finishing. A wooden finishing decoration in room will make it sound proof and you will be able to sleep without any disturbance in your room.

3. Cover the wall with Book Shelf/Wooden Ceiling Furnishing:-

Most of the book shelves are made up of wood. Even some ceiling furnishings are made of wood. If there is any wall in your room which is hollow or has some hole in it, you can position either a bookshelf in front of it or you can fix the hole fitting some wooden stick in it.

4. Bring Home a Door sweep to block the door opening:-

There is an instrument called door sweep available with most of carpenters these days. This instrument can block the door opening of your room in order to make your room sound proof. You can thus add this instrument to your house in order to make it noise proof.

5. No Open Space should be left:-

There should be no open space left in your room. If you have some external appliance attached in your room, its boundaries should be perfectly enacted with wooden board in order to leave no space around it. You can attach wooden frame around your window border with glass window in it to provide additional sound proofing.

6. Walls to be filled with damping compound:-

The hollow walls of your room should be filled with either wall putty or a damping compound in order to make them sound proof in nature. You should not keep your room empty as an empty room is never a noise proof room. An empty always result in generation of echo for every voice. You can consult an architect to adopt additional measures according to need or situation for additional benefits suiting your room and its building style.


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