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5 Popular Ways to Avoid Wastage of Food

How to avoid wastage of food


We eat food daily as it gives us energy for our basic needs. The food taken by us is mixed with saliva and broken down in the body to obtain energy from it. Most of us make some extra food for each meal as more food can be stored, but less food always means an unsatisfied hunger. Some people also have the habit to leave some food uneaten in their food plate. Much of this food goes wasted as food which is stored for long time experiences rancidity and thus we have to throw it as it starts giving foul smell. Eating such kind of food can cause food poisoning and thus you should never eat such food. In order to avoid wastage of extra food, you can bring following steps in use:-

5 Popular Ways to Avoid Wastage of Food

5 Popular Ways to Avoid Wastage of Food

1. Organic Compost for Food Unfit for Eating:-

The food which experiences rancidity or which is unfit for eating can be bought in use as organic compost digging a compost pit and adding the food unfit for eating into it. The vegetable peel, rotten vegetables and dead and decayed fruits and plant products along with dead and dried off leaves can also be added to this compost pit to bring in use the compost material as usable compost.

2. Make Food for a Single Meal Each Time:-

Some people have the habit for preparation of food for multiple meals at a single time. These are the same group of people who either work in companies or have a hectic kind of schedule. If food made in such a way is not kept properly stored, it will experience rancidity and it will get spoiled. In order to prevent such food from getting spoiled, either you can make food for a single meal at a particular time or you can ensure proper refrigeration for the dough to use it for preparing another meal.

3. Learn to Share Food if it is not eaten:-

If you had prepared food for the guests, which were expected to arrive, but who came home having food in advance, the food can be donated to poor people or you can share it with your neighbors in order to prevent it from getting spoiled. This approach is better than throwing the food as there are many people who don’t even get food two times a day.

4. Eat Food only after heating it again:-

If you had made food for two meals at a single time and it was stored in a container to eat it afterwards, you should heat the food before eating it. When you heat the food, it actually becomes fit for consumption and thus it is always advised to heat food before consuming it. A touch of butter adds goodness to it.

5. Keep Food in an Air Tight Container:-

If you have some food kept uneaten with yourself, you should never keep it in an open container and instead it should be kept in an airtight container. If the stored food proves to spoil your mood and you do not feel like eating it, you can easily use it to make some other dish. I.e. if you had made rice for previous night, you can boil it again in order to mix it with the dough of chapattis and make delicious paranthas with it or if you have a vegetable left with yourself, simply chop off some onions and tomatoes to fry them with the vegetable left with you.


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