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6 Amazing Ways to Ask a Girl for her Number

How to Ask a Girl for Her Number


Sometimes a really attractive or friendly girl comes in our life and we wish to increase our contact with her. The best way to do this is to ask her for her mobile number. Some guys are seen shivering while doing this and sometimes they are so scared while asking for a girl’s number that they change their mind even before reaching the girl. Asking a girl for her number is not a matter of shivering, but instead it is an easy job which just requires a little care from your side to be taken and that’s it.

6 Amazing Ways to Ask a Girl for her Number

6 Ways to Ask a Girl for her Number

1. Do Not Ask For Her Number Directly:-

Never ask for a girl’s number directly as when she does not know you and when there is no relation or friendship amongst you both, why will she take the risk of giving her number to a stranger? You should try developing some relation with her first of all and the best of such relations is friendship.

2. Come amongst Her Friend Circle First:-

Try getting adjusted to her friend circles. If she is your classmate, ask her for a pen or a notebook first and then when you go back to her for returning the borrowed thing, don’t forget to ask her for a friendship. Be her friend and come amongst her friend circles. Keep continuing this countdown of asking her for favors or doing favors for her and let your relation of friendship keep on getting increased.

3. Try Formal Talking with Her:-

Try formal talking sometimes with her to get some space in her life as a friend whom she can talk and chat with. Now the next step here comes to tell her that you are there as a friend whenever she needs you. Increase relations with her friends too. The more quickly you adjust yourself in her group, the more easily you can make she fall a prey to the addiction of your friendship.

4. Give Her Reason to Increase Contact:-

Now you have become eligible for asking a girl for giving her number to you, but before reaching the girl finally, you should obey one more step and that is to give her a reason for increasing contacts with you. You can ask for her number while she asks you for some work or you ask her for some work. She will have a reason to exchange contact with you like this and your motive will get fulfilled.

5. Ask Her for Her Number:-

Finally, a stage has come when she is your friend and you both are not strangers anymore. She takes favor from you and you take favor from her. She won’t refuse to give her mobile number to a friend whom she trusts and thus you can ask her for her number now.

6. Things to Remember After Your Motive gets fulfilled:-

Though you have got the girl’s number now, but a slight mistake can spoil your relation with your friend and she can change her contact or block you with this mistake. Never hand over her number to someone else amongst your friends to keep this trust maintained. Do not misuse her number at any cost.


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