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6 Proper Way to Use Nasal Aspirator

How to Use FESS Nasal Aspirator


FESS Nasal aspirator is an aspirator which is bought in use by nasal passage which is why it got this name. It is available in many variants including the mini nasal aspirator for kids. Fess little or tiny spray is germ free and is thus a germ free aspirating approach for the babies. Though there are directions on label to use it, but still some people are not aware about this fact. FESS nasal aspirators are available in generally all the leading medical stores and you can easily use it following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

6 Proper Way to Use Nasal Aspirator

6 Proper Way to Use Nasal Aspirator

1. Place the Nozzle at Entrance of Nostril:-

An FESS aspirator always comes attached with a nozzle that can be bought in use for spraying the aspirator drops. All that you have to do for this purpose is to open up the aspirator cap and place the aspirator nozzle at the entrance of your nostril. After placing the nozzle at the nostril, you can easily allow the spray pump depressions to aspirate.

2. Allow the Spray Pump to Depress:-

Now you have to allow the spray pump to depress 2-3 sprays per nostril. You have to perform the same step with both the nostrils one after the other. Actually, our approach is to get the mucus out of the nostrils and to throw it out after wiping off in the dustbin.

3. Wipe Mucus to Prevent Skin Irritation:-

You can wipe-off the mucus in order to prevent skin irritation if you are performing this job with your baby. Mucus is always likely to cause skin irritation if it is left as it is near the nostrils. You can take a tissue paper or handkerchief in order to perform this step.

4. The other nostril should be kept shut meanwhile:-

When you are dealing with one of your nostrils, the other nostril should be kept closed. This allows you to deal with mucus in a favorable way. You should follow these approaches with both the nostrils dealing with one nostril at a single time.

5. The Air Gets Back Into The Bulb Pulling Mucus Out Of The Nose Into It:-

The entire approach follows you to pull mucus out of the nose and when you keep one of the nostrils closed while using an aspirator, the air gets back into the bulb pulling mucus out of the nose into it. The bulb gets filled with mucus this way and you can easily wipe it off with the handkerchief. A handkerchief can then be washed in order to get rid of mucus from it. It is better that you use a tissue paper in such a case as you can throw a tissue paper after using it to wipe-off the mucus.

6. Squeeze Mucus Out Of Bulb to eject it out:-

Once the mucus gets filled into bulb, you can eject it out of the bulb to perform the step once again. All the FESS aspirators come with a leaflet placed inside with directions to use written on it. You should read those directions carefully before using the FESS nasal aspirator.


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