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6 Way Get Rid of Piles Without Seeing a Doctor

Get Rid of Piles Without Seeing a Doctor


Though piles may not be causing much pain to you, but anybody will be left devastated watching out blood in his stool. Piles are also referred to as hemorrhoids and this condition is what most of the medium aged (40-45) people experience these days including me. These are just because of swelling that takes place in the area of rectum or anus and this releases the blood while we are on the daily stool. If you are experiencing the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Way Get Rid of Piles Without Seeing a Doctor

6 Way Get Rid of Piles Without Seeing a Doctor

1. Apply Ice on the Affected Area:-

Piles are associated with the swelling of anal area and thus you may choose to make application of ice on the associated area so as to relieve against the swelling and when the welling will get relieved, the bleeding will stop and you will get relieved up to some extent.

2. Get the Cream Recommended:-

Take no time to reach the doctor so as to get some piles treatment cream recommended for him. These cream formulations are based on reliving the person against the inflammation caused by swelling. Simply get it recommended and make usage of the cream daily so as to be applied on the affected area.

3. Pills for Piles:-

Besides the ointment cream to relieve you against swelling, the doctor should also be requested to recommend you some pills to relieve you with your stool. These pills are basically formulated to make your stool liquid and thus it gets able to be ejected without making many efforts to do so. These pills are consumed along with hot water or hot milk while sleeping at night and when you go for stool in the morning, you are able to eject it in an easy way without applying much pressure.

4. Eat Fruits and Fiber Rich Food:-

Your regular wheat flour, meal should be replaced with a fiber rich food like plain white rice in such a condition. It is better if you stay on a liquid diet rather than a solid diet as it will make your stool get liquidly and thus you will be able to get it out of your stool area in an easy way. Nutrients in liquid food are rather best absorbed by the body and thus prove to be the best option.

5. Gulp up Enough Water:-

Water can prove to be your best friend in such a condition. The more water you take, the more the associated area with swelling will get relieved and thus your stool will also get easily ejaculated as well. You are advised to take at least 2.5 liters of water daily in case you are suffering from piles.

6. Pads for Girls:-

Girls are advised to make usage of pads in case they suffer piles. Pads are the sanitary napkins that absorb all sort of liquid that your private parts eject from them and thus prove to have added comfort in case you are women and suffer piles.


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