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How to Wax Bikini Area without Pain

How to Bikini Wax without Pain


Wearing a bikini without waxed skin is something a lady can’t ever imagine. We talked to several waxing experts and beauticians and all of them agreed on a fact that bikini wax causes pain as most of them had themselves felt in the days of their practice. Most of the waxing approaches do not include pain when the wax is applied or when wax strip placed, but it pains when you remove back the wax strip as till this time, the hair gets stuck with the strip and they get all plucked off with a jerk causing pain. Following some simple tips in your schedule, you can reduce the pain caused by waxing. These tips are as follows:-

How to Wax Bikini Area without Pain

How to Wax Bikini Area without Pain

1. A Particular Portion at a Single Time:-

Suppose if you are waxing the arm, you should begin with a small area first say eight to ten centimeters. If you try to put waxing strip/wax on the entire arm at a single time, the waxing approach will make it dry and hard and thus you should begin with a little area of any part of the body at a single time.

2. Let the Wax Cool Away:-

When you are waxing your bikini zone, you should first let the wax cool away. This helps you a lot in reducing the pain caused during bikini area waxing. We talked to several women about this and all of them gave similar opinions. Avoid wearing a tight bikini in order to prevent yourself from the after-caused pain.

3. Take Care of Your Pubes:-

While dealing with the area of your pubes, a cool wax/waxing strip is always better. When you apply a wax too hot, the wax often takes some skin off with it. There are also a variety of before waxing creams available on cosmetic stores that can be bought into use before waxing to make the pain reduced while waxing.

4. Have something to divert yourself:-

I keep myself diverted to reduce the amount of pain that waxing causes, says Deepti. I just plug in the earphone or start watching movie or my favorite serial on television while waxing. This keeps me diverted and I never feel pain while removing waxing strips.

5. Usage of an Exfoliating Scrub:-

Some even say that you can pre-apply an exfoliating scrub on your bikini area before using wax so as to reduce the pain that waxing approach causes. This approach helps you to reduce the amount of dead skin around your bikini area and you are able to pull off hair properly during waxing causing less pain as compared to waxing without using an exfoliating scrub.

6. Cold Compress/Lotion for Extra Sensitive Skin:-

Most of the women whom we talked about also agreed upon the fact that if you use cold compress/ a soothing lotion on your skin before going for the waxing approach, it helps you to safeguard your extra-sensitive skin. Some of them also agreed upon the fact that it is better to get rid of dead cells from the skin before you perform bikini waxing as it reduces the pain felt during this time.


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