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How To Make Your Waterproof Cast Not Smell

How To Make Your Waterproof Cast Not Smell


A cast is bought in use as a common treatment approach by most of the orthopedic surgeons in order to treat broken bones. Once applied, the cast keeps bones straight and prevents the joints from meeting any sudden impact causing them to break again. The bones get repaired this way and the person gets normal but often it has been seen that cast starts smelling bad after a certain period of time and sometimes a stinky cast is really unbearable. In order to make your waterproof cast not smell bad, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How To Make Your Waterproof Cast Not Smell

How To Make Your Waterproof Cast Not Smell

1. Keep the cast dry:-

The best way to keep the cast away from smelling bad is to keep it dry as more as you can. Ensure proper ventilation in your house, workplace, school and resting place to keep the cast dry. Though your cast is a waterproof one, but still it does not mean that it won’t experience the smell if exposed to water.

2. Even sweat is bad:-

If you are an athlete with a schedule full of sweat, moving while putting on the cast will make you experience bad smell coming out of it as sweat gives rise to smell and thus we are likely to experience odor problem even if we experience sweating.

3. Take your doctor have a look at it:-

If the smell goes unbearable at some point of time, just fix an appointment with your doctor of bones and ask him to examine the cast. He will change it with a new one if smell is unbearable or if he finds something wrong with the cast.

4. Powder the cast with some baking soda:-

If the doctor of bones refuses to change the cast, you can powder the cast with some baking soda in order to make it stay dry and to make the baking soda absorb the most of the odor. Spraying a mild scent or deodorant can prove relieving in some cases, but a strong smell deodorant or perfume can even increase the odor.

5. Stuffing a sachet of silica gel inside:-

Silica gel pouch acts as one of the best absorbent of moisture and this is why most of the shoes boxes and water bottles come with a few pouches of silica gel placed inside them. If you have one such small packet of silica gel available with yourself, just stuff it up in your cast at a favorable place and you will soon report the smell to be reducing.

6. Rub a sheet of fabric softener on the cast:-

When smell does not goes for a long span of time; just rub a sheet of fabric softener over your cast. There is a product with name “Cast Comfort” available in the market which can be bought in use to reduce this bad smell to some level. Staying outside in open air can also make a favorable change in the odor and thus you can move out if the smell gets unbearable.


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