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6 Ideas to Wake up a Baby from Deep Sleep

How to Wake-Up a Sleeping Infant


In order to wake-up a grown up boy, we simply go and wake him up from sleep by either pinching, speaking in a loud voice, turning him with hands or sprinkling water on his eyes, but none of these steps can be performed with a baby as when you disturb a baby from sleep, they start crying aloud and if you sprinkle water on their body or eyes, they get diseased and their healthy gets disturbed. The approach that you follow to wake up your baby should be simple, less disturbing and baby friendly.

6 Ideas to Wake up a Baby from Deep Sleep

How to Wake up a Baby from Deep Sleep

1. Try to Wake a Baby Up By Carrying It in Your Arms:-

Simply do nothing to wake your baby up, but just take it in your arms. The baby will get wake up like this if it is not a stage of deep sleep. Besides this, the baby won’t even cry as there will be warmth of your arms and your gentle touch to take care of him.

2. Talk to Your Baby:-

From the very moment a baby took birth in Mark Zukerberg’s house, he was seen taking pictures with his baby on his Facebook account. This is a father’s love. You should also keep on talking with your baby daily so that the baby may start recognizing your voice and he may wake up with a single word from your mouth.

3. Rub His Toes Gently:-

Besides talking with your baby to make him start recognizing your voice, you can wake up a baby by taking him in your arms and rubbing his toes gently. Feeling a touch of your hands on his toes will make the baby realize that something is going on and he will wake up.

4. Use Your Nipple To Keep Him From Crying:-

You can also start undressing the baby to start massaging him with baby oil if he got asleep after bathing. If baby cries while you wake him up, you can use your nipples to start feeding him. It is a proven fact that baby gets quiet when a mother starts feeding him, but this should only be done if your baby is not in a habit of sleeping just after feeding with nipple.

5. Don’t Get Mistaken With A Baby’s Cry:-

Don’t get mistaken with a baby’s cry. Babies do not cry only when you wake them up, but they also cry when they have made the bed wet or there is no dryness left in their diaper and thus if your baby does not stop crying even after getting awake, you can double check his diaper or underwear to confirm that it is not wet.

6. Make an Eye Contact and Play with Your Baby:-

Simply wake your baby up by playing some of his toys which generate sound. This will make the baby wake up. Now try to make an eye contact with the baby while smiling towards him if he is in a habit of crying after waking up. This will make him recognize your face and the baby will smile instead of crying.


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