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How Long you Can Wait to Have an Abortion

how long you can wait to have an abortion


When a parent feels there is no need to bring the baby into this world, abortion is practiced and generally this is done when either there is a premature pregnancy or the father has left the baby. The females who become a mother because of some betray or ditching faced by them because of their partner can also make them go for an abortion, but the thing that most of the women stay confused about it is that how long will they have to wait to get it done with them? Or how long can they wait for an abortion to happen and thus we are trying to make you understand in the further points.

how long you can wait to have an abortion

How Long you Can Wait to Have an Abortion

1. The Anti-Pregnancy Pills:-

In case you are depending on the anti-pregnancy pills for abortion, this depends on the success of the pills that you are taking. It is clearly written in the terms and conditions that the medicine is not sure to prove helpful in 100% cases and thus you may need to go for a re-examination to know if the abortion is made or not.

2. Surgical Removal of A Fetus:-

The another approach that is bought in practice for abortion is the surgical removal in which the doctor makes use of a tool that he inserts in the woman’s uterus and clears off all the kinds of tissues  in it. Now, after the tissue is removed, the abortion is successful, but this will take time as you will need to get a permission letter signed and then meet up with the doctor as well. Depending on the terms and conditions of the hospital, you may even be asked to wait some time, so as to check if your mood changes after counseling or not.

3. Various depending factors for abortion:-

Pregnancy depends on a lot of factors and you can even go for a natural miscarriage if the doctor recommends it. The process of Abortion is legal in Great Britain at any time up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. The majority of abortions are carried out before 13 weeks, and most of the rest before 20 weeks, but it depends totally from country to country and these laws may vary with the area that you reside in.

4. If Mother’s Health Is At Risk:-

In some hospitals, they even check if the mother’s health is at risk. If it is so, the mother needs to get a letter signed from any of her family member or her husband that if she dies during the operation or there is some serious health problem that she faces, the hospital won’t be held responsible for that. In some of these types of cases, the abortion is carried after the 24th week.

5. It Should Not Be a Sex Selective One:-

Talking about a majority of places including India, the sex selective abortion is banned and if you try to make a practice of it, you can be convicted and even imprisoned for that. Keep in mind that this is illegal and should not be practiced.


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