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Top 10 Very Special Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

List of Top 10 Birthday Gift for Girlfriend


When it is your wife or girlfriend’s birthday, you get a bit choosy about what to gift her and how to think about the stuff that will make her happy and there comes a need to look for the better substitutes to make it the best day of her life and thus here we have come with top ten birthday gifts that you can gift her on this occasion.

10 Very Special Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

10 Very Special Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

1. Teddy Bear:-

Teddy bears can be purchased from anywhere. This soft and furry toy is the best liked by females and they like to click selfies with it. Females are really fond of this toy as they always like to keep hugging it. You can get one from the nearest gift shop if you have a low budget or you may even go for the Archies teddy. It might prove to be costly for you, but Archie’s means quality ensured.

2. Chocolate Box:-

This one is every women’s favorite. Obviously you can make one yourself or you may take one from some chocolate shop as well. There are many varieties of chocolates and the top most amongst these is the heart shaped chocolate box. You can get it for your wife or girlfriend in order to show your love.

3. Roses:-

Roses are another thing that every female prefers. Roses have a great smell and you can get artificial as well as natural roses, both from the gift shops as well as the car decorators that decorate cars for marriages. Roses are simply something that always reminds your partner of yourself.

4. Candle Light Dinner:-

If your wife is really the one you care about, you can organize a candle light dinner for her. To dine with candles all around with your partner is basically every women’s dream and it is thus advisable for all married and unmarried ones.

5. Puppy In Basket:-

Purchase some small and cute looking puppy and put it in a basket. Decorate the basket and put a small neck tie at the belt area of it. The puppy should be washed properly and it should look cute. Gift that to your girlfriend or wife, she will really feel impressed.

6. A New Outfit:-

The next thing that you can go for is a new outfit for her. You can get a new designer saree or a new lehanga or even a designer suit for her. Your wife will really feel blessed to have you. Ask her to get clad in your gift and ask her for an outing or a movie that night.

7. Cook Dinner For Her:-

The next thing that you can do on your girlfriend or wife’s birthday is to cook dinner for her. You can yourself become the chef and tell her that she is the mistress today. Treat her like your princess and the day will itself become a great memory for her.

8. A New Ornament:-

The next thing that we will advise you for your wife or girl friend’s birthday is to take some good ornament for her. You can take a necklace or bracelet or even some good earrings or jewellery for her. Girls really like ornaments. Every time she will wear it, your face will come in front of her.

9. Make Up Kit:-

Girls like to do make up and thus a make up kit might be a good option to make a gift for your partner. You can even fix an appointment for her with the beauty parlor or you may get her the rebounding vouchers or a spa session or whatever you think she will like.

10. Princess Crown:-

A princess crown is the cheapest, but cutest thing to gift your female partner. She will feel really special when you will put that crown on her head and say happy birthday princess. You can even add flavor to it by taking her out for a dinner and you can even take her for a movie.


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